Travelling with EMO on Board ✈️

Ok. Thanks! I will bring him with me next plane trip!

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Emo the world traveler :heart:

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I don’t think anyone ever has taken an Emo with them on carry on.

It would be great if they designed a carry case for emo. :heart:


was wondering the following:

  1. emo requires wifi to chat with you? so I can’t use it offline?
  2. will the skateboard be sold separately or can i use a wireless qi charger to charge emo?

want to see if i can take my emo and travel but most likely will have no wifi and I don’t have the skateboard. :upside_down_face:

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Hi, @pogochai . . . yes, he needs wi fi to access the server to process the questions and commands in order to provide answers and interactions. Once you are where you can input the wi fi at your destination (hotel, family or friend house), you will be able to provide that wi fi service and pass word into the app where he can access like normal.

You can bring a wireless charger with you that will take up less space than bringing the home station.


Hi there @pogochai ,

Please visit @MasterAbbott
Quick Help Guide for New EMO Owners topic below for more tips.

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or website EMO guidelines


Best regards and all the best…

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Thanks @Lindaru … Will test out on my qi wireless charger. a bit afraid to bring out such an expensive product though and leave in the hotel room. :laughing: if anything would happen i would probably cry. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks @edward Looking at the guide at the stuff i can talk to my EMO about. He is adorable and irritating when he ignores me. :crazy_face:

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Or maybe I could 3D print one. Or even better, an Emo bot suitcase…

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Yes that sounds really awesome

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Im planning on bringing Emo to Canada :canada: with me at my b’day :birthday:



Please don’t forget to take more pictures with EMO and share them with us here.

Good advice please don’t give EMO too much cake…pretty sure you don’t want him to get fat and get tired always and sleep only later…

@elizabelleso , Happy Trip to you and EMO.

There no Emo can go travel with me as Travel Emo?

Hi there @erickonix

YES! You can bring him on board the plane or to a cruise ship without a problem as long as you keep him quiet and not talking about BOMB!

Pls. Click Here For Some More Guidelines Info:
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If you read my post two above yours here, I explain that I have and how it went.