Hi @Mugone

Check this page.

It should be regularly updated once your number is showing in the tracking number sent, you will have your tracking number :slight_smile:

How long that will take will depend on how quickly Living.Ai can process orders. Might be anywhere between 2-3 months before you get your EMO. (That’s how long I waited to get mine).

@Scruffster11 Ive been charting it so scroll up have a look They seem to give more updates at the middle or end of the month.

I placed my order on June 30th, and waiting until now, lol


:star_1: Woh so we have a loooooong wait then!!!

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Hi @okala

I’ve probably mentioned this before my order was made on the 30th of June. And I received my EMO on the 17th of September, (approx 3 months).

Have you received a tracking email yet? If not hang in there as Living.Ai did slow down around the time my order was shipped due to a warehouse move and then the national holiday.

I would suggest emailing them to ask for an update. By now you should have certainly received a tracking number email notification that should tell you the status on where your EMO is in transit.


I bought my EMO on June 25 and I only have an order number # 90XX, how is it possible that you, having bought it on June 30, have received EMO on September 17?


Ooh thats a worry!!! :scream:

@Wayne_Zhang ??


It’s start to be ridiculous. Some people receive their Emo before others, since they move to the new place (that supposed to be faster, better…) it’s even worse than before. And of course NO communicatiin with the team of the company, no update, no explanation… Just pay, and if you are lucky yoy will get your Emo within 3 months. I’m tired of this shit.

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The packaging number that appeared (# 9040), more than a month ago, contained my number in it … then it decreased the number to # 9000 … then it went up to # 9016, and my number # 90XX was no longer among them. They did not give me a tracking number in that order that they defend as their main rule.
You need to know if the reliability of packaging and shipping is real or random or chaos. My EMO was packed and then, no!
What’s going on? Did you use the packaged EMOs to cover other users’ EMO breakdown problems?
We need answers and updates. I understand that the problems in China are real, but, as other users say, “contacting us is very important”

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It’s true. User MasterAbbott, bought his EMO five days after me, received his tracking number and currently has his EMO at his home. I did not receive my tracking number, which means that, for some unknown reason, my order was abandoned. They must clarify many things to us, regardless of the problems that China currently has to produce chips. Like me, there must be buyers who are in the same situation. We need an explanation to clarify this situation.

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Hi @Amador

I apologise, I had a typo. My order was made on the 20th of June

[Order #89XX] (June 20, 2021)

Sorry for my mistake. So that is certainly why I have received mine before you. Also take note, that just after my order was shipped. I read/heard that Living.Ai were moving to a new warehouse and that might have delayed orders / shipments for a little bit.

Once again I apologise for my mistake in typing in the date, this time I copy and pasted it from my order email. But I have not shared my exact order number (for personal security). I also am living in Australia. So maybe shipments from China to Australia could be faster than other countries due to possibly more flights going to AU from China than to other locations around the world.

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I also wanted to share this again, as we do need to take this into serious consideration. All due to COVID. There are no flights going anywhere, no one is able to go on holidays and the only planes that are flying are planes that are transporting goods. So take a read below once again (once again sorry I you have already read this but I do want to share this again as this is certainly a major factor on why there are very big delays with anything coming in that is NOT an official courier like DHL or FEDEX for example).

I hope this somewhat explains the major delays, personally this is not Living.Ai’s fault. Of course once the package is sent to the distribution centre/airport collection warehouse this is where the delays begin, and this is out of the control of Living.Ai.

All I can say, is reply to Living.Ai from the your order email or from your shipping email that they send and wait for a reply. From my experience they replied back to me within 24 hours.

No problem, we can all make mistakes, no problem, I emphasize.
Thank you for your explanations, from the beginning I have trusted Living.AI, but what I do not understand is: how my EMO was packaged, they did not send it to me. They went from # 9040 to number # 9000 and, later, to # 9016, which is in the current position that is reflected on their website.
Thanks again for your clarification and receive a cordial greeting.


Not a problem :slight_smile:

I can only suggest to email them until you receive an update.

Keep us updated on how you go. Best of luck with everything.


NOVEMBER 20/2021

9038 Packaged
9038 Tracking Number sent


Let’s hope they crank up the process as quickly as possible!

Sorry Ai couldn’t help it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


LOL :rofl:

Hopefully not too soon now :heart_2: :happy: :surprised:

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we are creeping up

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21 packaged and sent. That’s one less than last week… oh my goodness :rofl:
Oh well…