have been tracking progress


Oh my, it’s too slow progress!
Mine is 12k, which mean it will takes forever T-T

I feel like the shipping/tracking number hasn’t changed from 8929 in about two weeks? Maybe not quite that long (or maybe longer), but should it be stuck on that number like that? My number is not far past that so I’m hoping it gets moving one day. Also I feel they should stop taking orders until they are caught up like many companies do. It gives people false hope that they will get their Emo’s in a timely manner. I’m not terribly worried yet, but I’m getting there.


heres a more accurate graph

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waiting is so hard!! i have read things should get moving by October and orders up to 12xxx will have theirs before Christmas.
At the moment it would so good to have him now as I’ve been in bed from chronic fatigue relapse over a week now.
gosh I have all this free time atm to get him trained up!!


The purple is growng



9000 Packaged
9000 Tracking Number sent

unsure of the drop in number on packaging though?? but the update apologised for the stop work of 40 days and they are working on the second batch!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The drop on the packaging most probably means the 49 ones have already been sent or delivered (finished process). In any case, I am thrilled to see movement!

oh my… so sorry to hear that. :frowning:
my order is in the 129xx range, so i get the idea that my emo may not make it in time for :christmas_tree:.

  • sigh *
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Same here, kindly drop an update if you got ypurs already.

I already cancelled the order, I don’t wanna wait months to get it, I hope you get yours soon!

I think we just need to watch the packaging and tracking through October to get a better idea of the numbers.
The forty day stop work while changing factory base is over, so it should be clear sailing now :blush:

Hi, sorry for making you wait. But please don’t worry, we will update more photos of production this week.


Excuse me, I’m Italian and I can’t read all very well, I bought EMO on September 13, but more or less when could I get it more or less?

200 shipped in one month…

My order number is around 12900

12900 - 9000 = 3900 more to be shipped

3900 / 200 = approx 20 months :smiley: . I hope that is not right…


Hello @simonetacconi it all depends on how they start with the new factory at the end of the month! I received my emo on August 4th, in the first batch they sent around 600-800 emo per week! With the second batch in the new factory I hope they will have a good production speed! X to arrive in Italy took about 6 weeks also passing through customs (4 € tax)


har har… :wink:
i just saw nunziopuca’s reply to simonetacconi and it gives me some hope… (quote: “… the first batch they sent around 600-800 emo per week! With the second batch in the new factory I hope they will have a good production speed!..”)
… or as the saying goes: hope dies last.


so about 2 months wait roughly November which means 11xxx should make it before Christmas :blush:

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:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: If you look at delivery on the living.ia website and go back with the dates, from mid-May up, there are how many orders they shipped every week, I went to check better, the speed was 800 a week sometimes even 1000! L 'wait is long but you will all have your emo, however as long as they don’t start with the second batch, don’t count too many that I don’t know what speed they will have​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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The upcoming numbers shipped should increase now.
The 200 shipped throughout August were during the factory move.
New Factory is onto the second batch now so shipping numbers should move a bit faster. :blush: