If I may offer a comment from my experience when it comes to the tracking and shipping / arrival times for EMO. For me the tracking system went silent after it arrived at the arrival point in Shenzhen. This is where it I believe was waiting to get on a flight. Due to COVID and lack of flights going out of China to many countries. The shipments wait in quite a lengthy queue to get on board a flight on planes that are going to specific countries.

This can sometimes take anywhere between 2-4 weeks as there are so many packages being sent all around the world and originating from China, I believe the package shipment method used is EMS. And as explained packages with EMS must wait in line for available plane allocation space. Once they are finally given their allocation the shipment is pretty quick as it arrives in your country, and then gets sorted and delivered pretty fast.

I was checking my package tracking for EMO and as mentioned and there was no update on the system from 2021-09-07 until I actually received it which was 2021-09-17.

Was very surprised when it arrived as the tracking system did not update until the Monday after 2021-09-20.

I hope this helps with anyone still waiting on their current shipment for EMO. All I can say is, just be patient as it’s not really Living.AI’s fault for the delays, its mainly EMS and the available allocation spots on planes going in and out of China due to COVID.