Shipping updates and information

Hi I hope same here 19 July airlines received than no more I will check later now it’s 1 month and 5 days of waiting :package::cry:

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Hope we all get them soon :+1:t3:


Can you check mine to and when will there be a update on order

@Michelle_Yuan will help you about your order.

Thank you i will wait for your respond…

Well I hope I can get help too I’ve been waiting a month and my order somehow is been processing ever since no update no info this is stressful

Hi , luis, they just updated the delivery information, they moved to the new facility, so they are making more emo, I guess we just gonna patiently wait, the only thing make us worried is lack of communications, make us wondering what are they doing, I feel a little better now.


Yes thanks I was worry but then I saw what they were doing I guess they should have communicated that to us cuz is kind of worry to not get any info or massages I don’t want them running with my 303$ lol :joy::rofl:

Hello, the system has found your order number. The current shipment is updated to 9011. I noticed that your order number is 10397. Please wait patiently for a while, and we will increase the delivery speed. :blush:

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hello. thanks for info.
Please be sure to include the personal customs code number on the Courier Invoice

Hi Wayne I made an order recently and I was wondering if it’ll take longer than 30 days for my order to reach me in Canada, as I am moving soon.

Hello, what is your order number?

Hey, if you’re a representative of Living AI, could I also ask about my order status?. I made my order on 29th of July, perhaps it will be added to the next batch of EMOs but I wanted to ask you nonetheless. My order is within the first 110**. Thanks in advance!!

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I ordered my EMO like as of late April, and I’ve only just received the little guy about 5 days ago. Hopefully they will get yours and all the other orders delivered real soon!

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Hey I’m order 10629 thanks

Why does the real time thing not work?

How you got that real time thing

My is 11341 and I ordered it on August 2 and I know I Shouldn’t rush it but it’s going to be my son’s birthday so yea.

The real time thing is working and very accurate :joy:

That’s really weird because they’ve always responded quickly to all my emails.

Do you have the correct email?

Email: []

If, you still can’t get ahold of anyone than I would suggest asking one of the others here. Most people are really super friendly and helpful.

Hopefully this proves useful, all the best!

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