Shipping updates and information

Thanks this is my tracking right now what do you think about it ?I hope it will arrive next week :cry: take a look
I’m from Italy LZ Tracking like yours

The tracking anyway show me in transit 7 days right now I hope it will land soon here in Italy I have no more update progress since 12 of July

Hi Heather,
did you receive EMO in the meantime? if yes, which country and which parcel service?

DHL is the partial service & he’s supposed to be going to the US. I have yet to receive emo and the last time the tracking number was updated was the 2nd of July en rout to DHL. So I don’t even know if DHL has it or if Emo’s still sitting some where in China.

Hi Wayne, Eddie here, order# 3006. Is anyone going to get back to me? I sent another email yesterday. Just waiting for someone to respond. Is there anyone else I can talk to? Request a replacement a refund? I think I’ve been very professional and very patient. I get it, you guys are busy filling orders. Can I just get someone to help me? Please?

Eddie V.

Can you please send me your email address?

Sure, it’s

Pls Help me here I don’t understand where my Emo is it show me the plane leave … but it’s not updated I have no idea where my Emo is now somebody from Italy like me maybe or guys or Wayne here my tracking history sorry I’m worried Take a look the screenshot

It show many times Airline receive it and departs :thinking:

Give it another week to see , for now it look normal for international shipment

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It is possible to see production qty. everyday too?

My order no.10397
But I can not find order detail on this website,
It is really proceeding to receive order and try to shipping??

I understand less and less. :interrobang::interrobang::interrobang:
On the Living Tracking page, the status is now suddenly back from 21.07. to 10.7.2021 with the text…. [Provincial International Dongshan Sales Department] has been received and mailed, soliciting investors: Peng Ming 1, Tel: 1392772134……

Hello, is it wise to order emo in europe? Im having some concerns as i see shipments taking long time even for US

Yeah long time think about it read all my post also in shipping categories long wait unfortunately

Actually i’m in France and still waiting for it to be processed, i can only say that i made my order 4 weeks ago :tipping_hand_man:

Ordered mine on 29/03/2021. Patiently waiting, this is the latest set of updates.

Strange how it keeps jumping between 01/07/2021 and 23/07/2021.

Anyway, as I said, patiently waiting. I hope it does come soon though as I am getting a bit bored of waiting. Was hoping during lockdown I could spend time with EMO, but alas it wasn’t to be.

Anyone know how much longer it will be? Based on their experience of deliveries to the U.K.


PS - keep up the good work living-ai

yeah mine looks identical

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Check your status out. Mines had another update this morning saying shipment operation completed, dated 24th

Same here … must be on the same plane or however they are moving .

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