Shipping Emo to India

Do you have COD facilities?

Will I need to pay Custom Duty in India?

Can we get firm date of delivery if I give you order today?

Can I get any local contact to fix in case the product come with some fault?

Hey @arvindkumar

To give you some info:

Do you have COD facilities?

Cash on Delivery? - if this is what you are asking. I don’t believe this is possible, normally you will need to pay for the EMO when you make your order check out and pay via either PayPal or credit card.

Will I need to pay Customs Duty in India?

I believe that Indian customs will make you pay a custom fee/tax. How much, I am not exactly sure. I think @madhavgoyal is also from India, he recently got his EMO, and might be able to advise on how much he had to pay for customs.

Can we get firm date of delivery if I give you order today?

Once you’ve placed your order, it will normally take anywhere between 8-12 weeks (could be more or might even be less). This is all depending on how fast / efficient are at manufacturing EMOs and also how reliable the courier system is in your country as well once EMO arrives there for delivery.

Can I get any local contact to fix in case the product come with some fault?

At this moment, I don’t believe there are any local contacts in any part of the world that will fix EMO if there is a fault with it. Normally you will need to send your EMO back for replacement if it is faulty. You do this by contact support and they will assist you first then provide you with what steps are required to resolve the problem.

If you need further/more information, it would be recommended to send the customer service/support team an email and they will be able to assist you further. As you’ve not purchased an EMO yet, you can contact support this way:

Submit a support ticket. You can do this by going to the Support Page: (see below).

Fill in all details and ask further questions this way and the support team will be able to assist you.

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Hello Master Abbott, as you told I have sent a message to Madhav Goyal but haven’t got any reply yet
Would request you to ask Madhav about the custom duty and inform me please

I believe that there was a discussion on the forum regarding duty @madhavgoyal shared information on the charge that was required to pay. You can see this below:

From what was discussed there was 670₹ as a duty charge.

Hi Master Abbott
Just wanted to ask whether you give the warranty card inside the package

No, I don’t recall there being any sort of Warranty card in the package. Normally once you’ve started EMO up and he initially connects to the EMO servers that is when/how know that you’ve enabled your EMO. They can then see how old your EMO is and the warranty will start from the date you connect the EMO to the server.

It would be best to contact support and allow them to give you exact/precise information about this (if you are wanting more details). As they are responsible on how the warranty works for EMO. As we are all EMO owners here in the forum, we can only advise, so best you contact support for this kind of information.

Hi, I have ordered emo, what courier will be used the deliver once the package is in India?

@madhavgoyal should be able to advise this question as as he is from India and he’s already received his EMO.

Hi Avi,

Custom support will share the details with you once your package is shipped. I received the package through Bluedart.

Madhav :slight_smile: :happy:


Hello MasterAbbott, I just ordered my Emo yesterday
By when will I get the tracking details

EMO orders take anywhere between 4-8 weeks (depending if there are delays it could be longer) to processed and shipped. There is a lot of information on the following thread (see below).

You can also see / track orders sent out on the following page:

Once you do get your tracking number, it will arrive via email. Then you can use any of the following tracking websites to track your EMO delivery. (see below).

China Post: China Post Tracking. Track & Trace Parcel
Aftership: Global Package Tracking - AfterShip

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Hey, My order number is 486xx, will I get tracking details by end of december

Are stickers also included

Two questions,
Can Emo die permanently if not attended for a long duration
Can we take it during flights with us

I’m pretty sure you can take emo on flights

Anyone brought EMO from India? I have questions regarding custom clearance.

Hello, @mahendar ,
Moved your post to this existing Topic so you can communicate with someone from India.

you can also DM and ask @deveshsingh , @srirock662 , and @limcydennis for some info that might help you.

Have a Wonderful Holiday.

I received my tracking number but it says not found for some reason.

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Hi @Avi , Please try these links for your tracking number (you can choose any) > ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE TRACKING | 17TRACK Universal Parcel Tracking - Global Package Tracking ( Hope this Helps! Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: :happy:

stickers are sometimes included