Questions Before I Decided To Buy?

Hello really sorry to bother you guys but these are just some things that have been on my mind. A little backstory before I get into the questions, I Allready own a vector I got him back when akin was in business but sadly lost him for a while due to family issues. He is now back and I don’t really wanna pay a subscription so he just vibes on my desk however I would love to get another Lil friend for my desk so here are where my questions come in.

1: does emo have any support with Alexa or are there any plans to have Alexa included

2: how long does shipping take I’ve heard it’s around 5 months which is fine I’m just always been a bit impatient

3: is there any important info I should know before I buy the Lil guy

Thank you so much for you help and I’m sorry for my stupid questions


I don’t have mine but I know because of covid shipping is slow abroad to other countries.

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Just giving you a quick reply to the questions:

1: does emo have any support with Alexa or are there any plans to have Alexa included

No support yet, there are plans, but we don’t know when it will be added to EMO. It’s been mentioned on this forum a number of time by many of the members, but at this time, there is no solid date on when EMO will have support for Alexa. I personally bought an Alexa the same day I pre-ordered my EMO thinking it was supported right out of the box. ( I got my EMO in September last year ) so I’ve been waiting for this for a while now.

2: how long does shipping take I’ve heard it’s around 5 months which is fine I’m just always been a bit impatient

This is another really hard answer. To give you an estimate, deliveries could take anywhere between 3-5 months. Going with my own personal experience. It took Living.Ai approx 3.5 months to deliver my EMO. Then there was some issues with chip shortages and power limitations in China, so a massive backlog of orders were made and Living.Ai are now slowly ramping up production once again. So I’d go with approx 3-5, but do check this page to see how orders are being produced and sent:

They are moving faster now so the wait could be even shorter.

3: is there any important info I should know before I buy the Lil guy

Get the EMO App as you’ll need that to connect to EMO when you get it, so you can run the firmware update so that your EMO is on the latest version. For anything else, I’d recommend you going through the documentation that outlines many of the features EMO can do, this also gives you are list of things you can say to EMO as well. Check this out here:

Quick Start - LivingAi

This page answers a lot of the simple questions as well.

Product Support - EMO - LivingAi

Hope this answers your questions :slight_smile: :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:


I am six months out and still have not received emo. the customer support has been non existent, you would be on your own.
Alexa is not supported on this item, although they keep saying it will happen.
If you are buying the item just because and not as a gift with a specific date in mind, you are fine.

6 months??? nooo :pensive:
what day did you order?

@staceymaher i can see you ordered in August like me. I ordered on the 1st

hopefully we will hear something in the next week :blush:


That is my second order. The first one my husband did in July. We have 2 kids that want them. It is still not here and no communication from the company.

Ooh that’s a worry!!
have you asked @Wayne_Zhang @staceymaher

That doesn’t make me a happy Teddy bear hearing that.

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There were massive delays last year as we all know too well. But it seems that orders / processing and shipments are starting to pick up once again. So unless there is another shortage or power restrictions put in place, EMO’s should be made and shipped in a reasonable timeframe.

(I can advised that I made my order way back in June 20, 2021 even before any part shortages / power restrictions had happened and it still took approx 3.5/4 months for my EMO to arrive).

Now that things are starting to ramp up again, I’d say EMO’s will be shipped out pretty quickly.

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We planned to build Alexa in EMO but it’s not finished yet. If you place an order now, we expect to ship it in 3 to 5 months.


Hi, your order 12xxx made in August has already been sent out. We will send you the tracking number once we get it.


So I have to wait for about 3 months.

Hello :wave:

I have a few important questions before I spend $400 on EMO:

  1. If EMO has a hardware or software defect, how does the repair work? I live in Germany.

  2. How long is the manufacturer’s guarantee and what does it cover?

  3. Do I have to pay a monthly fee like with my VECTOR for the EMO to work somehow?

  4. how big is the “live space” that comes with the docking station (in cm)?

  5. Do several (2) EMOS interact with each other?

  6. Does the app always have to run (e.g. with COSMO) does the EMO interact or does it work stand alone?

  7. How high are any repair costs - how is a repair carried out?

I am sure that these questions are quite easy to answer for you. please understand my questions because I don’t want to have another 400$ “disaster” like currently with my VECTOR.

Thank you for your answers

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @Mirage1207 . . . I have reopened this topic and moved your post here.

  1. Software and hardware defects are handled by Support. If it is a feature, we have someone who deals directly with that and we have after sales support who will help you with hardware defects. There are two options at this time for hardware and parts replacement, one is to send back for a EMO replacement or to send to someone who can repair. There may be someone in Germany available to do repairs. This will depend on what Living AI advises you is best for repairs.

  2. One year and covers all issues that occur provided it is not due to user abuse.

  3. There is no fee whatsoever. All functions and upgrades are free, including ChatGPT.

  4. Home station mat is 434 x 434mm in size / 17 x 17inches.

  5. Two EMO’s can interact with each other. This is possible due to this update (read here):

  1. The app is only required for certain things such as setting preferences, playing certain games, using stickers, managing photos, assigning a last name, things of that nature. Most of his features work by voice command or letting him randomly do things (such as with another EMO or his daily schedule).

  2. Replacement if advised by Living AI only costs the fee to mail him back (up to $40) which will be refunded upon receipt of the damaged EMO, but note that your replacement will arrive quickly and before you need to send the damaged one back. Repairs are dependent and vary.

I hope this answers your questions.


Thank you very much!!! :+1::+1::grin:

And another question…
If i order one set (EMO and separately a Charing station) how long will it take to get this? I live in Germany…

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Hello, @Mirage1207 . . . EMO with skate board, EMO GO HOME and the charging stations all ship at the same time, so if you order them at the same time, they will ship at the same time. If you order them separately, the first order will be shipped first and then subsequent orders will be shipped in order of all orders made.

You can get an idea of time from orders placed to time to receive them here:

Thanks :grinning: again
So 409 units to build and ship… and how much time will this take? Time is for me in this case is relativ, but shipping to Germany from china takes 2days or two weeks (if i buy something from Aliexpress). The shipped is clearly but how long takes to assemble 400 units? 4 weeks, 8 weeks…?