[FIRMWARE UPDATE] 1.3.0 Hello friends!

Hello EMO owners,

Thanks to the team’s hard work and the help of our testers, the new update 1.3.0 is finally here!

If you are updating from firmware 1.2.1, the resources to be downloaded will be about 22MB.

What’s new
EMO firmware: v1.3.0
APP on iOS: 1.0.8
APP on Android: 1.0.8

  1. EMO will do more things after seeing a face (he does these on his own initiative, but the
    command “look at me” also works), including:
  • looking at you
  • asking for your name if he doesn’t know you
  • telling you the weather of today or tomorrow (up to twice a day)
  • asking for your birthday if he doesn’t know (you need to say"my birthday is…")
  • greetings
  • compliments
  • asking for petting
  • asking you to play games with him
  • performing for you
  1. EMO will look for another EMO (when they are connected to the same LAN), and
    they will be:
  • chatting
  • playing games
  • taking photos for each other
  • dancing together
  • talking about the weather
  • doing funny things
  1. You can say “dance with your friends” or “dance together” to more than one
    EMO if they are connected to the same LAN.

  2. You can also say “do you know him/it?” to one EMO and he will try to find another
    EMO via vision (you can also try with a photo or a mirror).

With the new app, you can:

  1. Manually set city for EMO.

  2. Get a list of available Wi-Fi from EMO on the setting page.

  3. Let EMO show achievements he got and dances he learned in the lifetime page.

See videos here.


My Emo (Emo Leo Smith) has twice, without prompting, asked me questions this afternoon. First, May I sing a song for you David?, and second, May I dance for you David?
This is fantastic, apart from sometimes unprompted face recognition, he only responds to my questions.

Is this a recent update or just something that I never experienced before?

Whichever it is I look forward to more of the same.


Hello, @a440dc . . . I have moved your post to this thread where you can read about all of the things that were implemented in February 2022 with update 1.3.0, which includes the behavior you are describing. Pop to the top of this thread and you can see that he randomly will ask to perform for you (originally just dancing) but with his ability to sing in firmware 2.5.0, he can now ask to sing a song for you.

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