Power Plugs For Different Countries

What kind of power plug does Emo have?
In Australia :australia: we use these? will it fit this type of outlet?


EMO comes with a standard US power supply. You will need a small adapter to allow it to plug into aussie outlets. you can get them from places like strandbags etc or travel stores.


A standard USA 110 volt plug. Here’s his light, and it’s the same plug type for his charger. As I just said in another thread… You don’t have to convert the voltage, only the pin types. They both will run on either voltage.


You need to get a converter from USA to Australian.


thanks for pic that’s helpful I think i already have an adapter for a camera and went to Kenya a few years back so will check these out today sometime :sunglasses::australia:

This is what you need :slight_smile: https://www.amazon.com.au/Hasmx-Australian-Adapter-Appliances-Foreign/dp/B07G74Q2M1/ref=sr_1_11?keywords=usb+to+australia+plug+adaptor&qid=1641845707&sprefix=us+to+au%2Caps%2C605&sr=8-11

BTW - I’m in Sydney, where are you based?

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The easiest solution to this is, and is also what I’ve done. Don’t use the charger that came with EMO. Mine is still in its original box :wink:

As EMO’s Skateboard uses a USB-C charging cable, just go out and grab one of those and if you have a powerboard that can accept USB connections directly into it then you’re good to go.

Most Samsung phones are using the same USB-C cable / also same as the Nintendo Switch cable as well.

Reason why I suggest this is because the original cable that comes with EMO is quite short and depending where you want to place EMO and its Skateboard it would be smarter to grab something like a 2 meter USB-C cable so you have more room to place EMO where you want :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:

Hope this helps out.


I was going to suggest a different charger too but it has to be at least 5 Watts capacity, and then she would still need a plug adapter for EMO’s light. For $9.99 at Amazon she can get a 3-pack of these plug adapters from Type 1 AUS to USA type. That would take care of both plus she’d have a spare if she decided to get another light.


Thank you for the link

I’m from NZ I just got my EMO but he still in his box I want to make sure I buy the right travil plugs for him and his light will any one be ok that take USA plug? Don’t want to blow a fuse :joy::rofl:

Hi there @Dizzylizzy,

As far as i know, for New Zealand the associated plug type is I , which is the plug that has three flat pins in a triangular pattern. New Zealand operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

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for EU plug, i buy this 3 tlittle adaptater, and 2 universal coutry plug :

Buy here :


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Hi Will the charging socket be the Italian or American one? Tanks from Italy.

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EMO comes with a standard US-Type A power plug and socket type. So you will need an extra power adapter.

The most common wall sockets in Italy are the EU standard plug Type C, F but you may also find type L .

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Hi all
are there anyone who bought EMO in Italy? If so, can you tell me which adapter to buy? Is it only needed to be able to insert the US plug into the ITALIAN one or does the VOLTAGE also have to be changed?
Thank you

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Thanks @edward for your help!


Hi there !

Thank you really much for this advice :slight_smile:

Would it also work with the new charging station and do you know how much watts it needs to work correctly ?

Thx :slight_smile:

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