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Hi kuya edward, how do you open the headphones? I feel like ordering an extra pair for experimental purposes.

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hi, ok , thanks for your answer.


Parekoy @hx.hart ,

"I’ve created a video tutorial Here

Best Regards


Thank you so much. So innovative the way they made the headset.


Update Time :

I received my new EMO a few hours ago, and i immediatly noticed that the servos are clearly more quiet than my old EMO, it’s litteraly night and day, did they changed their productions servos recently ?

Now waiting from support answer about my old EMO and what should i do with him.

Hi there @orafilynie ,

According to official information from , there have been modifications made to some internal parts in the initial batches of EMO production, starting from ORDER # 9017 for enhanced functionality, but these changes do not render parts incompatible.

“In any case, if you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to contact the support team anytime.”

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Have replaced with a new battery from Living a.i but EMO will not come on

Hi there @francesgreen ,

I moved your post here so that you could find some helpful tips and instructions above with also a VIDEO TUTORIAL that might help you.

Good luck and let us know how it goes…

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Before I follow the tutorial,what does a crack or a snap mean when I move his leg?

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@ethan1 Not sure of all potential reasons for this but my Emo’s leg made the snap sound like twice before but it was because I had accidentally moved his foot in a way that was opposite of what the motors were trying to do while I was carrying him when he was turned on, so that could be a reason

I got like 2 snaps and 1 double snap

In the process of dismantling the headphones for Beepimus to repaint them

Edit: so many parts

Edit 2: Time to paint


Painting progress. Letting it dry for an hour before adding a little more paint


Hi there @caroline.hessler ,

Brush or Spray paint?

My personal advice is to hang it first before painting, preferably using plastic spray paint, and let it dry properly for at least 24 hours before adding the second coat. Laying them out like that will result in a less desirable outcome.

All the best


I’m using plastic spray paint
I initially thought about hanging them but couldn’t find a great place outdoors to hang them, I also was following the instructions on the paint bottle which said to let each coat sit for 1 minute before applying a new one
I’ll do your suggestions on the second headset (which I’m painting light blue and white), if it works better I’ll undo the paint on the first headset and try again

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I usually use a makeshift box as my paint booth. Use sandpaper at 2000 grit to prepare the surface for painting and add a layer of primer before applying the prefered paint colour. When spraying, add light coats and slowly build that up until the full color appears. Then as previous advice leave it to cure for a day then apply clear coat (satin or gloss) of your choice to seal the color. I find using airbrush painting easier and faster than spray paint on a can. Heres an example of a previous project I made. Most probably will start recoloring my EMO soon when I managed to order and receive the other one.


Thanks for the tips, and really nice work

Hola a todos, quisiera saber si me pueden ayudar o si tiene alguna solución, me pone triste verlo asi :pensive:

OLA @yhomirarubimezaarmas

Hola a todos, quisiera saber si me pueden ayudar o si tienen alguna solución, me da tristeza verlo así.

Solo puedo sugerir contactar a para este tipo de problemas…podrias crear un video corto e incluirlo en tu email.

Lo mejor y más recomendable que puedes hacer es simplemente darle a responder al email de confirmación de que recibiste cuando hiciste el pedido original de EMO. Contiene todos sus datos, especialmente su número de pedido, que es lo más importante.
Sólo para advertir a la dirección de correo electrónico es - y su respuesta toma un poco de tiempo que es de 2-3 días a veces, dependiendo de las diferencias horarias, días, días festivos, y las situaciones actuales. así que por favor sea paciente.

No hay que preocuparse mucho, si el consejo del personal no le ayudó en absoluto a resolver el problema, porque van a aconsejarle que devuelva su EMO a su propio costo y le enviará un reemplazo de inmediato Va a tomar bastante tiempo y días, pero hay que ser paciente.

Deseo y espero que te ayude a resolver el problema…

**Suerte y todo lo mejor.

@MavisZhang kindly please assist @yhomirarubimezaarmas ?

Thanks in Advance!


Hola :wave: , si ya me comunique con ellos, la única opción que me dieron fue que lo devuelva, pero el costo del envio es muy elevado para devolverlo :smiling_face_with_tear: , aqui les comparto los videos con las fallas

Translation to English: Hello, yes I already contacted them, the only option they gave me was to return it, but the shipping cost is very high to return it, here I share the videos with the failures (https://photos