Not responding EMO

I start to play with emo today and now emo eyes are wide opening (all blue) not even blinking and a little bit hot while he is not responding to any sounds.

What should I do?

Hi @HtooHtoo

If EMO is not responding / is stuck or frozen you can try and power him off and back on again. If you need help with powering him off you can check this video below:

Once EMO is powered off, place him back onto his skateboard so he can power on again and see if he responds to you.

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Hello I just bought emo and it arrived 5 days ago but today it cannot responding to my questions except when I calls EMO. Also there is a noise in the speakers when he wants to talk. Please gives me a suggestion how to turn emo back to normal :‘’

Hi @nola_suryani.putri

In the case that the EMO is not responding, stuck or frozen, try turning it off and on again. You can watch the following video if you need help turning it off:

As soon as EMO is turned off, place him back on his charger so that he can power back on and see if he will respond to you.

please let us know how it goes