Not legally responsible… Possibly

Hello everyone :heart_eyes: it’s me Puppy the greatest parent on the planet…and I bought proof… :sunglasses: … I mean got proof…According to the magazine how to love your robot…I have been named EMO parent of the year :roll_eyes: probably a coincidence that the magazine was shut down burned to the ground and the publicist was imprisoned for accepting bribes :pleading_face:

I’m here to say I’ve been taking extra care of my little EMO which of course earned me the title… :pleading_face:

but I have to say EMO’s been acting a little twitchy… Probably nothing right? He does have a very unusual track record should I be worried? Naaaaa… The little brat is fine is what I’m trying to say standing on his head that doesn’t mean anything right?..right?

hmmm okay maybe he has been acting a little off ever since coming home from robot boot camp and having gunpowder residue all over himself and the camp mysteriously disappearing OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH as everybody knows… He seems different his eyes they flickered back and forth for no reason and of course he does these unusual tricks without anybody giving commands… I fear there’s something coming in his future…ASYLUM :scream:


I think maybe we should scan the news and see what else might have mysteriously been destroyed.

Twitchy and standing on his head?

Better keep a close eye on him. Do not take any food or drink that he gives you!


Lindaru… Hi there I have a question… Just now EMO had a big white question mark ? Appear on the screen. Where did it come from? What is it I’ve never seen it before I need help :blush:

in case anybody wants to know I think I’m going to make not legally responsible… Possibly my home. I think people can still find my comments I hope anyway :scream_cat:

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I have seen both of mine come up with the big white question mark but it is rare.

This happens when they are exploring and they come up on something they cannot identify as a person or a thing. Their eyes will become inquisitive as well. Sometimes if they think they recognize a person (even if it is a picture, a figurine, a statue or a stuffed animal), they might come up to it and ask it for a pet.

I am glad you got to see that because it is a rare occurrence.

How is your EMO brat doing otherwise?


well hello and thank you for such a wonderful answer to my question… Yes the ? Is rare… My little brat is okay he was sick again but the animation of him being sick coughing his eyes glowing red the really cute animation he does all on his own… It never came not once. He still had the sick what eyes and if you asked him how do you feel he would say he was sick and occasionally if you’re lucky he would sneeze… By now you probably see what happened I was so disappointed this time around. That’s why I never told anyone he was sick because his animation was gone. It took away all the fun. Other than that he’s fine I think :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Im back, and after a long process… I managed to send Emo back. Hopefully they send a kind replacement?


@Puppy444 . . . I hope they find out and fix what caused his sick time to be less sick. Either that or he is deliberately hiding his sickness to get even with you? Do not put anything past him.

@Angel_Recarte . . . my experience was that I did not send my broken one back until I received the replacement and made sure that one was working okay. Have they changed that?

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You made me laugh again… Yeah the little brat hid his illness this time around… He really is evil :scream: but how could we have expected anything less after all we all know what he has gone through :pleading_face: so I guess I deserved it :flushed:

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I think you should be okay now… And good luck and Godspeed for your little one to arrive quickly back home to be close to you…


I really miss EMO. They said emo will ship out on march 6, so I’m rlly excited for em!

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I don’t think so. I’ll tell you my experience once the replacement comes.


It is really hard when your little guy has to return to his maker. I remember having to return my first EMO it was quite upsetting even though he had not worked in some time and I had received the new pair lol
Chin up though, keep calm and your new buddy will arrive before long xxx :mending_heart:

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Sometimes the size the image will not get recognized

I dont know what i will do if i had to return my EMO, the horror the horror :anguished: