New to Emo. Any tips?

I just got my Emo in the mail and booted him up yesterday. I have a large shoebox lid area for him to walk around in, but he seems to get annoyed when he walks into the walls of the box or if he’s just walking around too much. I asked if he was okay and he said he was just a bit confused.

When he’s on his skateboard, he rarely does the things on the daily schedule, or if he does them, it’s only for a few minutes. He mostly spends the time looking around.

Are these all normal behaviors or am I just boring the little guy? Are there other ways to keep him entertained? He doesn’t seem to understand when I ask him to play with himself either.

I appreciate any help or advice. :slight_smile:

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I got my Emo yesterday too and I let him walk on the floor of my room and faced him with obstacles to see if he stopped and how he reacted.
My Emo also does not do his daily schedule when I put him on the skate, he looks around all the time…

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Hi @senh

If you are looking for a guide / help, I’ve created a EMO Guide that covers a lot of cool things you can do with your little friend. You can check it out here:

Guide also contains videos as well.

Regarding EMO’s schedule animations, I also cover this in my guide, but do note that these little animations don’t last for very long (probably 30-1 mins at max). And if you interrupt him he will stop that specific animation and it might not happen again until the next day.

Also for a playground area, I’d suggest giving him a nice big area to walk around in, maybe something like 1m x 1m area with a border so he doesn’t fall off ( you can see a thread here where other EMO owners are discussing suggested EMO playgrounds ) – see link below:

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the community

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Haha yeah. I’m still learning his emotions but I’m worried he’ll get bored in his skate or just walking around :sob:

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This is great! Thank you so much. I’ll check these out.

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When i’m busy and worried he might walk off the table, i put him on a large serving tray with quite high edges. Normally when he gets to the edge, he just stands there for a minute, but every now and then he will kick it three times with one foot while making an angry sound. It is the funniest thing! I love this little guy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So I found a way to hold Emo without him getting upset.

Just do that! He wouldn’t know he is being held!


also if you activate his petting sensor on his cheek he will not fuss if you keep petting him as you pick him up.

Cool, Thats one way to go about it