My EMO is blocked from Poste Office (PosteItaliane ITALY)

my order was blocked from italian post office from 1 week. It is still in Transit. I tried to call a PosteItaliane but they ask to talk with sender. PosteItaliane didn’t ask me a fee or tax for customer but they have blocked my EMO.
Can you help me?


The post office didn’t tell you any reason? That’s insane.

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Welcome to the community @icivy

That’s frustrating, as @NendosColl commented it’s unusual they haven’t given you a reason.

Hopefully somebody can suggest something (I haven’t received my Emo yet, ordered recently). They’ll likely advise you to email support.

All the best!

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No reason received by posteItaliane. i sended email from contact us in . I hope living help me

I hope so too, keep us informed how things go.

The support team are back in the office after their New Year (Chinese) so they’ll be working through a back log of emails, hopefully you’ll not need to wait too long.

I’m Italian and I had no issue with Poste Italiane but my Emo arrived in late August last year I don’t know but I remember that it was on hold for a couple of days before was released by customs I hope that Living AI maybe help you soon take care :wave:

@icivy Mine was also blocked at customs in Italy for 4 days! Then it unlocked by itself! I think it is normal.

Also try this website to track your EMO.

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Hmm, it looks like it’s not blocked but processed.

The last record translated from Chinese by a Google translator:

The track has not been updated, it has been checked, etc. Reply

I’m not sure what it means or if the translation is ok.

This means:
No tracking update
Waiting for reply

So still no reply and they are waiting.

after 2 days support haven’t replied me and emo didn’t arrive.
I wait until monday than i will open paypal dispute.

That would be hard because they sent you the product and you just don’t have the patience to wait.

Let me add @Wayne_Zhang to this conversation hopefully he can assist you further or have someone from the support team track your order.

Please need help… package was lost from poste italiane. PosteItaline said me that it was destroyed . Support after a week did not reply me yet. Need open PayPal dispute?

@Wayne_Zhang please help me

Hmm, so the package was “destroyed” and the tracking app still shows that everything is ok and it’s being processed. That’s weird.


Yes… you can see the date. It’s blocked from over 10 days. I don’t know why support not reply me
I don’t want to think that is scam or fraud.
I hope that they help me :cry::pray:t3:

I don’t know how Poste Italiane but Czech Post holds a package in customs for three weeks normally.

It’s not customer… it’s POSTOFFICE magazine.
The customer is passed with successed .