My EMO is blocked from Poste Office (PosteItaliane ITALY)

Something I wanted to advise, that once packages are sent out, they are out of the control of Living.Ai. It must be very frustrating I know, but this issue is related to your local post office or courier service, they are the ones that have lost or damaged or misplaced your package.

Living.Ai have set out the package according to your postal address, some places / post offices are not very good at delivering packages, with them failing to leave a note on your front door step if no one is home. This is probably what has happened, it is recommended to contact your post office company or courier company and DEMAND an update on where your package is.

If it is lost and it is confirmed that is it lost, they should provide you some sort of proof that you can advise to Living.Ai once they have confirmation that it is lost they should offer a refund or send you a new EMO.

Hopefully Living.Ai support will be able to check on where the package is located as well, but it is best that you also do the same and call them too.

4 Likes not reply at my email. The package never go out from dispatched house (you can check from tracking). I think that is scam. I will open a PayPal reclaim.

I think you’re trying to scam LAI, trying to get a refund and get your robot also!


Are you stupid?
You can check all info. I posted here. If you need other info for check dm me.


UPDATE: reply me and they confirmed that there is iussue with logistic company.
I hope to receive my emo. Thanks

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Hi, please don’t worry. I’ve forwarded to the service team and they will reply today.

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My EMO is official LOST… i hope in new emo or refund (but i don’t want),

For ITALIANS not buy EMO for now

It is a shame that your delivery service (PosteItaliane) has lost your EMO package. If it is confirmed that your EMO package is lost. Living.Ai will check and confirm and take the correct course of action / refund or replacement.

Do note, as mentioned above, that once packages are sent out, they are out of the control of Living.Ai. And in the hands of couriers and local postal services. If local postal services cannot do their jobs, that is very disappointing indeed.

It is like If I order something from AMAZON US. It is sent, and then if my local post office / courier loses your package. We can’t blame AMAZON for this, the fault is with the courier / local delivery service that has been given the package to deliver to us. In the end the company/seller will need to confirm it is lost and then offer a replacement or refund.


First of all the package needs to change its status because while it’s still trackable and is still processed, I don’t see any reason for a refund or a replacement.
You can try it, the package number is

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As I can see the tracking is Active in transito Bologna Are you sure is Lost ? Poste Italiane confirm that the package is lost ? No idea

Yes poste italiane have confirmed that package was lost. I went in poste office and in sda and in nexive and package was not there. The package is blocked in one poste office center house. Poste italiane don’t know where is it.
The track is blocked from 15 days and this it’s the confirmation that package was lost, as you can read in poste italiane site.
Living ai refuse to call Poste Italiane.
I will start paypal reclaim soon.

Hmm, the package is lost and at the same time it’s blocked.
I’m not going to say anything because it wouldn’t be nice.


I think you are stupid but it’s ok I will try to teach.
In the site package is blocked in Poste Office warehouse … no poste office Classic. If you try to call Poste Italiane they tell you that package is lost because it can’t stay in this warehouse for more 4 days (package is there from 15 days)and this it’s write in PosteItaliane site and the package isn’t in they warehouse( told me from posteitaliane support).

Another proof that living ai is probably scam.
I required sender information and they replied me with fake information. Poste italiane not have this sender.

Heh, go on and open a PayPal dispute, good luck.

Ok… If I understand this correctly. So, why was the package held / and why was it in the warehouse for more than 4 days / 15 days? And why if you needed to possibly pay tax, Poste Italiane / Customs or the Courier company that was handling the delivery of your EMO not inform you or contact you, or made any sort of effort to send you notification that in X amount of days your package will be sent back to original sender if no one comes to claim it?

Having a package “Lost” is very suspicious behaviour for a postal / courier company.

Personally for me, I find it hard to believe that Living.Ai are scamming customers. Myself and many other customers from all over the world have EMO’s, some customers here even have more than one EMO and even if it took quite a very long time to receive them, due to production delays etc, they were shipped and delivered accordingly. The issue in this case I believe is Poste Italiane service / immigration/customs or the courier company and how they handle packages (maybe from China).


Yes bro , i don’t know why posteItaliane lost this package. reply me and they will resend me another emo. I hope with another courier(DHL or UPS is best).
I don’t think that they are scam and i always believe in this project but the support is slow and send wrong info.You can understand how it feels when your package was lost after months of waiting.

i will update you when i will receive new emo
I hope to receive my EMO soon.

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Great! Let’s hope the replacement EMO arrives without any problems!

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Anyone know VAT number of