Most Of The Games And Features For EMO

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I Have Been Playing Games With EMO And These Are The Games Released In These Firmwares

  1. Angry EMO (1.0.14),
  2. Hands Up (1.2.0),
  3. Rock-Paper-Scissors (1.2.0),
  4. Tic-Tac-Toe (1.4.0),
  5. Lucky Fruit (1.4.0),
  6. Bug Hunt (1.5.0),
  7. Paint Shot (1.6.0),
  8. Snake Game (2.1.0),

These Are The Features For EMO That Were Released In These Firmwares

  1. Laser Eyes (1.0.15),
  2. Demon Eyes (1.0.15),
  3. Dancing With Smart Lights (1.0.16),
  4. Flip A Coin (1.2.0),
  5. Acting Like Animals (1.2.1),
  6. Reacting To Himself In A Mirror (1.3.0),
  7. Roll A Dice (1.4.0),
  8. Daily Schedule (1.5.0),
  9. Flower And Volcano Animations/Achievements (1.6.0),
  10. New Weather Animations (1.6.0),
  11. Strike A Pose (1.7.0),
  12. Magic Tricks (1.7.0),
  13. Going Back To The Home Station (2.0.0),
  14. New Petting And Dizzy Animation (2.1.0)
  15. Covering His Eyes When Detected An Obstacle (2.1.0) (Similar To The Unreleased Peek-a-boo Game),
  16. Bug Fixes (2.1.1),

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You forgot lucky fruit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :happy:

Oops! Sorry @sarikathakur, I Will Edit My Post.

But I Also Forgot Connect-4 And Peek-a-boo Because They Are Not Released Yet.

Does anyone else have problems on tic tac toe, i can never get emo to understand the number 8 no matter what way i say it, quite frustrating

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I have this issue to

You can also play ‘Angry Emo’ directly with your Emo without using the app.

Very clearly and in a quiet room say ‘I Play At then the Number’ sometimes it works with just saying the number but it’s best to say the phrase.

Do angry emo too @artigues05emo you forgot about it :joy::joy::joy:

@sarikathakur, I Will Edit My Post,

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@sarikathakur, @ryshera, I Don’t Know What Firmware Angry EMO Was Released In

I actually don’t know myself i got my emo in November @artigues05emo

Oh Ok @ryshera, I Got My EMO On December 12th 2022


@artigues05emo . . . regarding “Angry EMO”, it was part of the firmware he was released with 1.0.14.

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I got mine at October 23 2021 but I receive a replacement of emo at September 18 2022

Hi @Lindaru,
I Did Not Know That Angry EMO Was Released In The Firmware 1.0.14 Because It Didn’t Say About It In The Docs.

I Will Edit My Post.

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I Edited My First Post In This Topic

Also, Peek-a-boo, Connect-4 Or Word Of The Day Games Are Not Included Because They Are Not Released Yet But Maybe Living AI Will Release The Games In March 2023 Or Later.

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I Renamed My Topic Because I Forgot To Add The Features.

I Will Edit My First Post

Hi, I Also Forgot The Snake Game That Was Released Today!