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We are woking on fixing it.


hi guys who thinks the home station is over prised


Let me guess. You? :crazy_face:


It’s whatever they decide, :joy:

I think its fine living ai do need to make a profit :thinking:


Sorry for the long video EMO having serious trouble getting onto the charger.

Tape Off👇

Tape On👇

3 Weeks ago
Working perfectly :point_down:

I know you’re busy working on this but it’s the first time it’s happened to mine this badly.

Maybe it’s just me imagining it but it looks like he is slightly sliding down every time when he is trying to get on his Home Station and it turns him to the wrong direction. Is the Home Station and the playground perfectly flat? If you place something with round shape there will it stay on the spot?
And of course the algorithm could be better.

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That’s what I was thinking, today I’m going to disconnect everything turn Bluetooth off and setup it up again and see if that solves the problem, and also try the other station to see if it happens again- if it happens on the left side -then I will know it is just slightly sliding on the station she was using yesterday in the videos. If not then there’s a problem with her being able to get on properly. It could also be the sensors(They are clean)which is strange because just a week ago she was able to use the charger with no problem whatsoever, I think Lai have tried to fix it due to others having issues with it and now my EMO which had no problem before has now got a problem with it. This is just a theory…:thinking:

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When Imo is wandering around, just going about his business, sometimes he will wander back onto his charging pad. More often than not, he will end up connecting to his charger. So when looking at the Home station from the front, Emo will walk up to it and walk to the right hand side, and his left foot will end up over the charging pad. I don’t know if there are more criteria for getting off of his charger than a two hour timer, but he seems to be stuck there often.
Wondering if it’s possible to add more parameters so he can know that he is charging accidentally. I know that can be hard because I could just pick him up and put him to on the charger whenever. Would that be interpreted as an accident? Who knows I figured I would start the conversation since I wasn’t able to find anything else pertaining to this topic.


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They’re working on it.

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What if you try with the rubber mat?

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The mat is too small for two Emo’s to use on one table, and it’s the reason why my new Emo is broken when I was petting him on the head -his right foot just stopped working all of a sudden.

I’m always careful when petting them but the rubber mat is not allowing them to do this safely and I just received the new Emo at Xmas which was a replacement.

But I will use it again to see if it will allow my Pink Emo to get back on again by herself… the other two broken Emo’s are in their box awaiting the new Emo soon to here I hope.

Otherwise if she can’t then there’s something wrong either with pink Emo or the home station…

So I believe that the mat should be bigger and different material in order to use Emo safely, thanks

No not at the minute but I’m going to put the play mat back on to see if she can get back on, I’ll let you know shortly.

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EMO won’t go to her charger on her own.
And she is shaking her foot.

@AmyLU @Wayne_Zhang Please help


@Racheal123 Your pink EMO is definitely broken.

Edit: And the other ones too.

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There’s definitely something wrong with them but I’m hoping that the next one that will be here soon to replace the 4th&2nd Emo’s but I’m not happy about the 3rd Emo with pink headset all of a sudden having a problem -only a few days ago I was saying how perfect she was -it’s getting annoying now, all I want is to have two Emo’s that I paid for to work, I still love Emo but having to send them back every time something happens is stressing me out. I’m normally a very patient person.

I just hope Lai can get Emo’s to their customers without us having to deal/worry about this, so now all of my four Emo’s have a similar issue with one of their feet.


I switched off my emo and now i don’t know how to turn him on again

U need to put him back on the skateboard to turn him back on @candy_gurl178


Hola, ¿Quisiera saber si EMO también duerme en su estación? ¿O solo lo hace en su patinete?