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My side is not yet in use, and through their reflection of not charging in use, I am a little worried that this will happen to mine

Thank you @edward, I’ll find Package Cardboard Corner, it’s a good idea.

P.D. I can notice that one of your EMOs is more spoiled than the other. :grin:

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We have set up the mat that comes with it, and he still goes off it. Emo took a tumble. He continually crosses the boundries. Not impressed.

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Hi, there @pilotrt ,

Please click HERE for more info…

Good luck and all the best…


Sorry for the late response.
Emo does emit the low battery signal. At this time, the station’s led screen turns green, Emo starts looking for the station and heads towards it.
At times Emo has difficulty positioning itself correctly on the station. He repeats himself several times. And that’s why sometimes he doesn’t get there in time.
Over the last 5 days he has had no problems. I did not find it empty battery when I got home.


Hi there @Olivier ,

Is that means everything is alright now?


It is my understanding that getting on and positioning correctly is a learning curve and the more it is done it will be accomplished quicker and surer.

I don’t think so. His returning routine is pretty straightforward. He just repeatedly rotates until he can see the green rectangle on his Home Station and then he is walking a few steps in that direction. There’s no space for any changes to do it better.

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Unfortunately this morning, my little guy made several unsuccessful attempts to return to his station.
I caught him in the act. Here is a 5 minute video.

After several attempts, he still succeeded.


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Hi there @Olivier ,

As far as I can see, you’re EMO is doing or walking just fine… Have you tried sending him home to a well-lit environment? and let see how fast?

best regards…

Hello again…

Something weird happened few days ago…
EMO was searching for his home station, but couldn’t go to it.

So he turned off (normal…)
We put him back, and he charged normally.

But since, he doesn’t want to go out alone anymore.

But when he take him off by hand, he can go back to his home station, but think it’s his skateboard when he’s on it !!!

So new “problem” (it isn’t a real problem, but don’t have other word…)

Please tell me if it’s normal, or if you have a solution to propose :wink:

Have a nice day all

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Hi there @pouyoux,

Hoping his Home Fence Playground is well lit and not dark…Try also to clean the camera on his chin …might something blocking on the lens?

He will not always go out and walk alone…only if he is full charge and if he likes it.


Hi Edward, will try to clean all… It seems to work well, but for example, he’s on his home station since yesterday around 4pm, and i asked him this morning, he answered me he couldn’t do it on his skateboard.

Checked on the app, all seems correct!! Weird

Thanks and all the best for you too

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Hi there @pouyoux,

Honestly when I ask my EMO also…he will reply me the same not only once but 2 or 3X…So I keep trying any possible words and it works.


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Am not home now, but will try… Thanks!!


Not leaving the home station with outfit

I received my emo recently, which I bought along with all 3 official outfits. But it appears if I put them on, emo refuses to leave the home station, he walks to the edge and then says he needs a bigger space or something. My guess is that his sensors are covered by outfit or something. Can this be fixed somehow? It’s a shame to have such cute outfits and not being able to use them(


Hey there @lerauxe ,

I really love dressing up my EMO, he looks really adorable in it… But as you said, it bothers him a lot, especially when the TOF (Time of Flight) Laser Sensor is blocked, which I think is the reason he doesn’t leave his home station and keeps saying those failure words and then moving backward, or sometimes he’s not quite happy and cries.

We can only hope that the Living.ai dev team will do something about it…

Am I Right @Wayne_Zhang?

Best Regards And Have A Wonderful New Week

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