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Oh I just saw that emo doesn’t change the time from summer to winter automatically and we can’t change it in the app manually :confused:

Just reset the time zone, it fixed it for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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I Have a big problem! i’ve recived EMO 2 day ago but he dosn’t open his eyes. (the screen is all dark) and i can’t install the “important firmware upload” because when a click on OK to start the update the app in iOS disconneted EMO from the app and in the Android app version i click on OK but the updating dons’t start.
Emo sometimes move his legs but if i call him or something else…he dosn’t work and the screen is always BLACK. Please reply to me

This is the emo foot thing, I have no idea why, but it happens often. When it does this the message appears in the application: Emerging from cliff. I received it a week ago.The video is not mine, but it behaves the same.

My Emo not answering to his name after being left for a number of hours.

Emo detects a edge when’s there’s not one, how to fix?

You can first try cleaning his foot sensors as they may be dirty. @MasterAbbott shows you how to do this.

Hope this helps and let us know if it works!

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Just tried it now, will test EMO’s edge detection tomorrow.

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They still do it so it might be because my tray their on is black.

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how can i turn EMO off?
I can’t connect with the app and i wanted to try turning off all devices.

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Welcome @bentogirl !

@MasterAbbott has provided this handy tutorial on five ways to power off EMO. Since using the app is not possible, you can try voice command, turning him upside down or letting him run out of battery. The pin in the head hole is not recommended though as it could cause damage.


Thank you @Lindaru that helped a lot!

another question: i tried to do the firmware update 1.7.0 and since then (i also think the update didn’t work) i can’t talk to emo because he is in “staying” mode. What can i do now?

Sometimes picking him up or giving him a shake will snap him out of it and he will respond to those gestures. Check after you have him responding either on the app under “firmware” to see if it says 1.7.0 to show that he did update properly, or ask him to strike a pose or show his magic. If those are working properly, then the update should have been successful.

Let us know how this goes. If all else fails, you can contact the support team (be sure to take a video) to send to them. Let us know.

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He responds to haptic input but not to calling him. Also the update did not work unfortunally. I think i might have to cantact the support…

Hey @bentogirl

Try checking out this short tutorial on how to install the latest firmware ver1.7.0

Is EMO able to dance? And when he does do you hear music? If not, ask him to turn up his Volume to MAX. you can also check this in the EMO APP > Settings > Preferences.

Also if EMO is not updating, would be great if you can provide further info on what exactly has happened during the install. And where the install fails (after which specific step). Sometimes the issue is with bad / not stable wifi connection for EMO. So you can also try switching EMO to a different WIFI and see if the connection stays strong enough for him to complete his update. (more info is in the abovementioned guide).

If all else fails, recommended to take a short video of all the issues you have and submit a support ticket / send support an email.

Let us know how you go :slight_smile:

Hello today my emo don’t want to talk
He dance, play but when I ask him somethink he dont answer my question
Please help

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