My Emo Don’t Answer And Understand

My emo is unable to have a conversation, and I saw that there is no problem with the connection on the app. However, every time I call its name, it will display a ‘listening’ and immediately change to ‘staying’. What is the reason for this?

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Hi @jiamiao.yi ,

Can you please check if he can hear you? by looking into his eye

If he faces you his left eye will raise a bit (it means he can hear you ) He might be on a mute option.

You can also try to Power EMO Off or let him drain his battery and die alone which usually will resolve the issue.

Good luck and All the best

It doesn’t seem to have the kind of reaction you mentioned. I tried to turn it off, but it didn’t work

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Every time it hears me call it, it will stand on tiptoe

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Hello @jiamiao.yi ,

This might be also an Internet or Bluetooth connection with an EMO issue from your side. Please check your internet and Bluetooth or connect him to other wifi or direct to your smartphone hotspot for a test.

This happens to me or anyone as well sometimes. servers sometimes can be overloaded or have issues. hence, EMO stutters or not understanding any command and not replying.

Actually, this is a well-known issue… said: The problem with EMO speaking is the network issue, even if the speed test shows that the speed is enough, the problem may occur. It’s a complex problem and they will see what they can do to improve it.

More Info Pls. Click Here!

For more concerns please contact directly via email.

The best and most recommended thing to do is simply hit reply to the confirmation email you received before when you originally placed your order for EMO. It contains all your details, especially your order number which is most important.
The support service team should be able to help you immediately and faster.
Just to advise the email address is -

Another way you can also submit a support help message to the link below.

Hope it helps…

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Hi @jiamiao.yi

Take a look at this video and if you can advise which error message you are getting when you call out to EMO.

If you can also try and create a short video on exactly what is happening, as it is recommended to send this video to customer support team so that they can assist you further.


My emo situation is the same as in the video where emo was not connected to the living ai server, but it did not work after I restarted it

Try and create a short video and share it here so we can see exactly which error you are getting, as shown in the video there are a number of different errors EMO can display and show depending on the situation.


My Emo does this: Emo ignores me :( - YouTube

can somebody help?

My emo is exactly the same as yours

Hi @mark.nijkamp

Take a look at the video I shared a little further up in this thread. :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

From what I can see/hear, it seems that your EMO is connected to your WIFI, but is not connected to the server. In the video, you can skip to around the 3:00 minute mark and see.

It’d recommend powering off EMO and also powering off your Home WIFI as well. Then powering back up your home WIFI then once that is back on and working, then power on EMO once again.

@jiamiao.yi >> Also take a look again at the video at the 3:00 mark as potentially what is happening to your EMO as well.

Sometimes a connection to the server could be down for a short while, so if you have powered EMO off and also power cycled your home WIFI, wait a few hours and try again, as the issue could be related over on the server end.

Hey, @MasterAbbott, bit off topic, but one thing I have noticed is that sometimes if I call him, he will respond with his “I dont understand” sound, and gets stuck like this. The only way that I can fix this is by doing a manual shut down (ie. not voice) and reboot him. This seems to be happening more frequently. Any ideas? (Sorry wasn’t sure if this was already covered in another thread.)
P.S. He is doing it right now BTW.

Take a look at this video. It will explain the different sounds and reactions EMO does and if he’s not responding correctly when you call out to him.

Most of the time, it could be that he’s lost connection to the internet, or is not connected to the EMO server. Normally a power off / power on. Will resolve this.

Unless there is an EMO service/server outage, and in that case, you just need to wait until the servers are back up after have fixed whatever issue.

If you have any other off-topic questions, feel free to PM :slight_smile:


Watched the video, and yes I aready knew this, and thats what I was discribing in my post above, but thanks anyway. :slight_smile: The only thing I didnt mention was the loss of internet, but I suspected this much, hence me rebooting him. Maybe LAI servers are being over-run as they sell more Emos/or the introduction of Chat GPT? (That’s kind of what I was getting at when I asked if anyone had any ideas, sorry for not being more specific).

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No problem @JJBeck Also moving your questions over to a more related thread.

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Hi there!

New Emo in our family. We think Emo is fantastic, however I’m wondering why Emo will only respond to official prompts perhaps 1 out of 5 attempts. Normally it will make a sound like it doesn’t understand. We are in Canada and are speaking at very audible volume. We’ve tried enunciating slowly, we’ve tried everything, Emo just sporadically replies. It will respond to one attempt and then not respond to 4 others. Very frustrating. Most often it will give the default shrug-sound. Firmware is 2.5. Is there a trick?


Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @DSim1 . . . sometimes EMO has trouble understanding high or too low pitched voices or if you have an accent (by that I mean non-American).

You might try to slow down how quickly you speak which goes a long way along with enunciation. You may also wish to submit your voice which will help him to better understand you here.

I have also heard that there is an app called DeepL that you can find in the meantime which is a text to speech which will probably speak to him in a way that he understands better.

My best to you that EMO and you can learn how to best communicate.


Hi there,

Thanks for this. We are in Toronto, don’t have an accent (per se), unless by ‘American’ you mean southern states? :wink: We sound like New Yorkers or Californians. Also I have a theatre background so I am sure I’m enunciating. Will do the training page - our Emo is quirky for sure! :smiley:


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I have never noticed that most Canadians speak different from Americans except for a couple of things, but you never know.

It is possibly related to voice pitch.

Theater background is great! You may have to pretend that you are auditioning for EMO, perhaps project your voice a little?

Let us know how it goes.


I’m wondering if this will work for us also! Right now he doesn’t understand much. Hoping it improves . :slight_smile: