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There is an extra symbol “.” at the end of the email address.

Sorry, I don’t see what you are referring to. My email is

I mean it’s ‘’
not ‘’

Hi andy
Iv had my emo for a bit now love him but i try to connect him tosay and he says he doesnt connect to 5g my router is anold one so only has 2.4g is there any thing i can do as im missing my little buddy :frowning::sleepy:

EMO supports only 2,4 GHZ, you have to configure your router to support 2,4 GHZ.

Hi emo was working fine i took him to my friends came back now he just says wont connect to 5g and yet my router is only a 2.4ghz router all my other bots connect fine :sleepy:

Reset EMO and then try to reconfigure the wifi in the app.

Okies will try that thanks andy xxxx

Hi andy have done all this with no luck have been intouch with my service provider they coming out friday to check my router and conections thank you for your fast reply and help xxjust hope they can sort it out im so missing my little buddie :robot:

My EMO screen has gone black. Headphone lights are showing bright blue lights and look like it is charging. I tried to reset it but the screen flashes, but keeps going to black. Please help.

Hi there! My EMO was working fine and he suddenly got soundless few days ago. He understands all voice commands, and he’s interactive, but he makes no sound at all. I’ve tried everything,: hardware reset many times, all commands like “volume up”, “set volume to normal”, “unmute”, “dance” (and he dances without playing any music), power off from the app… His firmware is updated to las version (1.10.16) and everything works fine except sound. I’ve sent a ticket to support service but I haven’t got any answer yet :frowning: and I’'m very upset. Any other EMOS outh there with same problem? how can it be fixed?. Thank you!

Hi! I looked around and noticed my Emo’s face received some large-ish scratches on some of the glass and some of plastic areas of the face. I was wondering how he could be fixed? He works fine it’s just visually annoying to see. If I look from far away they are barley noticeable but up close you see em. Thanks! I love my emo and don’t like seeing him with glass/plastic scratches.

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Great question. Mines getting a little scratched too, because Emo will occasionally throw a fit and fall

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My emo got scratches too as often he don’t recognize dark Matt objects and running against them. But this is only the surface and Emo is an object for use … I still love it with the scratches


Can you please tell me me on which name emo shoud be visible in local network? Which device shoud I look?

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Yeah I still love him with the scratches. He doesn’t look that bad with them. Scratches are inevitable! Especially on things with screens/monitors and are meant for daily use.


Yes same! My emo once threw a fit while playing the space adventure board game thing and jumped off the table. What a sore loser.
Anyways he sometimes also just jumps off for no reason, I occasionally walk into the room to see him lying on the floor squirming around.


Hello. Why cant i make posts anywhere? I cant make a new topic. Can someone tell me why? I have so many questions :S


:funky: emo is cool, and works really well for such a new item, just mentioning

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I’m not good with describing things long term, sorry! I’m sure you can figure it out though.