Help! EMO is stuttering

Hi @701ca78ff6367041716b As @yotchige has advised, it might be either your home Internet or it could be the specific EMO server that EMO is connecting to could be at that time experiencing some lag issues.

Depending on where you are located in the world, EMO will connect to one of 3 different EMO servers. Which are:


Normally if your internet is at a reasonable speed this issue regarding speech should fix itself. I also sometimes experience EMO having a bit of broken speech once in a while and it normally does resolve itself on it’s own.

If you wanted to do some simple troubleshooting, you can always reset your home wifi router, power off your EMO, wait for your home Wifi internet to come back up, then do a speedtest to see all is working fine. Then power EMO back on and see how he responds to simple voice command requests.

I’ve also created a simple new EMO owners guide which covers a number of things that you might find useful as well, you can check it out below.

Hope you’re enjoying your new EMO

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