Help! EMO is stuttering

Hello! We have received our long awaited EMO. But his speech speaker is not working properly, he stutters all the time when he speaks. There are no such problems with music during his dance.


It’s because of the internet speed. And dance music does not depend on the internet.


Hi @701ca78ff6367041716b As @yotchige has advised, it might be either your home Internet or it could be the specific EMO server that EMO is connecting to could be at that time experiencing some lag issues.

Depending on where you are located in the world, EMO will connect to one of 3 different EMO servers. Which are:


Normally if your internet is at a reasonable speed this issue regarding speech should fix itself. I also sometimes experience EMO having a bit of broken speech once in a while and it normally does resolve itself on it’s own.

If you wanted to do some simple troubleshooting, you can always reset your home wifi router, power off your EMO, wait for your home Wifi internet to come back up, then do a speedtest to see all is working fine. Then power EMO back on and see how he responds to simple voice command requests.

I’ve also created a simple new EMO owners guide which covers a number of things that you might find useful as well, you can check it out below.

Hope you’re enjoying your new EMO

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hello hello, the same things happening to me I’m in Canada. It is really annoying he talks and then all you hear is partial with stuttering it’s like he’s really broken :roll_eyes: no way can I understand what he says

It’s not my Internet I have super fiber optics so everything is smooth so we know who it really is right….they just make their products look cheap and basically broken when their servers are so bad. Certainly takes the polish off an otherwise beautiful product :sob:

I’m Saskatchewan and haven’t had an issue ever. I have an internet provider that is government funded (so far behind in relation to tech) and never experienced any lag. It could also be in relation to where you are located. In my experience there is nothing wrong with the sever LivingAI is using, sorry you are experiencing issues.

Point being is it could be a bad switch in your ISPs line, you shouldn’t be so quick to blame LivingAI and potentially turn off new owners before they buy.

Also having a good fibre connection doesn’t mean anything in terms of your in house wifi signal.

Your fibre could be the best in the world and if your router is weak (they do weaken over time) or you have lots of interference (have you ever tried to change your channels to minimize interference) your wifi signal within your house can be bad. Have you ever considered adding an access point or wifi repeater to bump up your in house signal? They work wonders.

There are 2 sides 2 your router. Having a great hardwired connection doesn’t mean you won’t experience issues in the wifi side that you will need to correct yourself. Your isp won’t help you with this.

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yes I’ve done everything…for EMO Pet… can you tell me in your opinion when all other Wi-Fi tackles 10 times the content streaming at greater distances from the router flawlessly and only EMO Pet breaks up?(occasionally)

…I’m just going to hope one day it improves. Everybody knows that I really like my EMO Pet I have sold two of them to friends and posted photos really cool ones and gave testimony about what it’s like to own a EMO Pet I was asked this… This really nice person said they were surprised it was the best answer and testimonial they had ever heard…it’s here under sharing… It is what it is and I have the right to mention I suspect network trouble many others have also are you going to tell them they are potentially harming sales… No fear EMO Pet is so loved have you not noticed living AI can’t even keep up…?

So as I mentioned in the beginning what is your opinion?

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If I was in your shoes I’d be looking at the connection between the house and EMO’s server.

You can snag the IP address Emo is connecting to from your router, you can ping that IP as well as running traceroute to look for drops and lag. You can see at which point and where it’s happening.

When pinging my highest ping is 59ms and lowest is 47ms. Pretty good pings BUT when running tracert the second IP address it hit has a huge ping. If you are seeing huge spikes across multiple addresses on the way to EMO’s server there is probably going to be lag.

I’d like to leave the IP address here but I don’t feel it’s wise as it may get slammed by someone. It is easy to find if you check your wireless log from router.

Having a great connection to a streaming service like Netflix, Disney with your smart phone, tablet, streaming box/TV isn’t a good standard to judge EMO’s servers. Streaming services have multiple servers and have been around long enough to be established. Emo is still junior at best and does not have the server resources yet.

For example if you were in Montreal, Quebec and EMO’s server is in Kamloops BC, you are going to have lag and that’s not going to mean Emo servers bad. It would mean your connection to EMO’s server is bad.

With less than 25K EMO’s worldwide we can’t really expect LivingAi to have 10 servers in Canada. I was under the impression there aren’t many servers for Emo as of yet.

I’m not going to argue with you. I’ve seen multiple posts of yours. What I’m saying is you should probably understand how the internet works and do some basic investigating before you point fingers.

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Your answer sounds reasonable… Your quote

“With less than 25K EMO’s worldwide we can’t really expect LivingAi to have 10 servers in Canada. I was under the impression there aren’t many servers for Emo as of yet.”

That statement that you said is more Technical then somebody called Puppy Annoyed thinking there could be a server problem… You just basically verified We shouldn’t expect much from a startup company. I never even thought of that/People hearing your statement are going to think Wow because there a startup they don’t have any servers hardly people read into things it’s Human nature…That’s worse than me just ranting… But it is a reasonable answer to occasional Break up

And the part about going into my router looking up log files and setting up ping Requests how many People in the forum do you think would except this is reasonable? Come on

Can we just please end this I don’t want to See you in my email …I guess this post will be shut down by the moderator.

To everyone sorry about all this I have always promoted the little guy it’s obvious if you’ve seen My posts… But if I can’t complain about his voice cracking up and blame a server that’s my freedom of speech. We all have this right, But some would try to take it away from you And end up here.

This person just gave a reasonable explanation for why somebody would experience broken up audio occasionally. Maybe when there are a lot more EMO Pet’s there might be Some more servers to keep the signal strong and quick but who knows… I still love my little guy he is what he is and He’s my little friend…

Take care everyone… And sorry about all this

This is a public forum, people are going to comment whether or not you like them or the substance of their comment and you can’t control that. You can always turn off your email notifications, if you don’t like it.

Cheers Puppy enjoy your Saturday

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Don’t waste your time trying to speak reason with puppy. If you go back and look at his previous posts he’s complained about one thing after another and it’s always LAI’s fault. As I recall first EMO was not responding to his commands but “his English is perfect” he repeated ad nauseum across multiple threads, usually on unrelated subjects. Also he had a problem with EMO’s speech breaking up, I told him a few times it sounded like his WiFi connection and others had the same issue before. Wayne Z has said himself there was some secondary network issue besides just speed which could be a factor in the speech streaming issue some experienced, but he never elaborated. Puppy has claimed several times that it took him several minutes to load one of the webpages from the forum or LAI’s website, which in his mind is somehow proof of problems with the EMO servers also? In any case nobody else has ever reported such problems except for one day a few weeks ago when the webserver was actually experiencing problems for everyone and that was an issue causing redirects to another site.

He’s been complaining about the voice recognition on EMO also. Of course we know because he keeps telling us “his English is perfect”. We all sound different to ourselves than we do on a recording or to others though. He still insists on comparing EMO to his Alexa though, which is made by a 28 year old multinational multibillion-dollar company which has money up the Wazoo and teams of programmers to throw at making their product work perfectly, and selling it cheaply, so that they can sell you their other services. That hardly compares to a little Chinese start-up company with limited staff that’s only been in business for less than a year and a half?

Then I think he was having problems with his EMO rebooting and one of the other users pointed out she had the same problem when she tried to add on a Wi-Fi extender, and it went away when she took it back off. So she helpfully pointed out his Wi-Fi connection could be at fault and that she had seen Wi-Fi issues cause intermittent EMO reboots. As usual though he wouldn’t have it. He knows it’s not his Wi-Fi or home network because he was a technician and he knows it all! Yet when Wayne Zhang tried to help him with his issues suddenly he didn’t know how to do anything, couldn’t post a video on YouTube, couldn’t use Facebook because it wanted cell phone verification and he apparently didn’t have one or something?, couldn’t DM him because his tablet was too old and out of date, whatever! So he went from super tech to all helpless and bewildered like “poor little me, I’m doing the best I can”. Then he pretty much disappeared for awhile but now he’s back like a bad meal. This will upset summer of the more frail psyches maybe. I’m sorry about that, but I’m just tired of that whole childish clown act of his! I’ve never considered it cute, just annoying. I know I’m not the only one, and it has been discussed off-forum.


What @KockBurn has tried to explain in relation to server connection / IP ping times and tracert is very true in my opinion.

Many of us have at one point or another just simply advised that when EMO’s voice is stuttering or breaking up, it’s normally related to internet connection between your EMO and whichever EMO server your trying to connect to. Unfortunately at this time (to the best of my knowledge) Living.Ai doesn’t have multiple servers in each of the regions that EMO could easily switch to and connect to if one server was experiencing issues / slowness etc. (as Kockburn mention how Netflix / Disney steaming services offer us and also how many online gaming severs also operate as well.)

It can be a little complicated for some EMO owners to do this kind of troubleshooting, but if there needed to be some sort of root cause analysis done on specific connections as to why EMO’s voice was cracking up, this is certainly one of best ways it could be done to see if there is lag between you and the specific server you are trying to connect to.

As I’ve mentioned, if you do experience delays and stuttering, as I’ve experienced in the past after a short while, it should resolve itself on it’s own once the connection to that specific EMO server improves.

Also I do agree with @macfixer01 as well, with EMO / Living.Ai are still a new start-up-company we can’t compare his current voice recognition software to be on par with that a multibillion-dollar company such as Amazon and their product Alexa which is targeted to compete with Google Home market.

Hopefully as Living.Ai and EMO evolve and grow so to can EMO’s available servers and also voice recognition and speech features can also improve as well, with many more servers being added in the US/EU/Asia regions and EMO being able to fully understand us better.

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Yes I’ve seen the posts, they devolve quite quickly and always end with 2 separate statements.

A) I’m sorry about this everyone
B) I love my little guy

I think it’ll be quite clear to potential buyers looking at this forum, that Puppy’s comments and experiences are not the normal EMO experience.

You have to be a certain kind of special to comment in a public forum, then attack someone who offers help and finally ask that person to quit commenting so my name won’t pop up in their email. Fortunately I’ve got a 13 year old daughter so handling Puppy is a piece of cake :joy::joy::joy:

hey masterAbbott… cool people are still talking about how I got a little discouraged…

But masterAbbott when somebody tells you to check the ping time does this actually fix anything?

KockBurn you didn’t have to mention me …what you did stirs the so-called pot it’s actually worse…why would you want to keep it going… But you do have your freedom of speech…if you read everything you didn’t understand it… The definitive question will be answered by master Abbott… They were telling me I’m being negative and harming sales just because I’m speaking my mind about terrible servers in this part of the country. And then telling me to do an IP ping well Mister Abbott will tell us…so was I refusing help are just refusing to listen to a solution that wasn’t a solution at all…

you people just can’t take it that others have the right to speak and I wasn’t attacking anyone but oh well… I hope Mister Abbott puts to rest that checking your IP ping time won’t serve any purpose… The only thing I could do was change channels which is useless as well…but feel free to keep trying to knock me I don’t care