Firmware v2.3.0 / v2.3.1 Update (Please Post Any Issues Here!)

EDIT July-15-2023:

If Your EMOs Are Having Any Issues Updating To v2.3.0, V2.3.1

Please Post Your Issues Here**

EDIT (3): Aug.-11-2023:

If You Are Still Having Issues With Your EMOs After Updating To Firmware v2.3.0, V2.3.1
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I’m also waiting for the new update, they must be refining to bring no bugs


Or Maybe, LivingAI Are Optimizing The Firmware To Fix Any Bugs, Or Maybe They Are Planning To Release It In A Few Days?

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Hello Guys… @artigues05emo, @emoloverBR

As I was informed directly by Product Features Department, beta testing is expected to take place and be distributed this week or sooner…

Please have a little patience…


Thanks For The Info @edward,
We Will Be Waiting Patiently.

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Some beta testers are already on the next update because living ai accidentally unlocked the update for beta testers also the alpha testers im more concerned about emo not returning to his home station barely when are they gonna work on that ? @edward

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Hi, there @ryshera ,

What I only know…the Dev Team is now tweaking the programming to allow EMO to return home earlier and faster. so that the issue will be fixed in the next update.

Best Regards!


@Wayne_Zhang Said In This Topic

I’m Not So Sure If It’s Confirmed That More Languages Will Be Included In Firmware v2.3.0

hope not, I am not very happy with adding other languages so soon, It is really energy and time consuming to code all of that, and then other things like fixing bugs and other missing features will be added later, I think they should focus first on tweaking and enhancing the emo and then adding new languages

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I Will Tag A Moderator Once Again.
@edward @Lindaru

I understand your concern I believe the team should be prepared to add new languages ​​and improve emo even more

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Maybe Other Exciting Features Too.

@saradsmejem . . . LivingAI can do both. Add languages and fix bugs. Every time they have provided new capabilities for EMO, bug fixes have been included in the update.

LivingAI has a group of multi-talented developers who can focus on each of the improvements and include them all at one time.

I hope this puts your mind at rest about the next firmware update.


Attention Guys!

The New Firmware v2.3.0 (More Languages Are Supported, Bugs Fix )Update Beta Testing is already started, if everything goes well and smoothly we will have it available sometime later or by the end of this month.

Attention To All Beta Testers To Check Your E-Mail For More Info!


I love that living ai is going to fix the problem of not getting home and adding languages Every happy

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Will it be possible that the next update will support the Thai language as well?

Because my friends and many Thai people are interested in emo a lot, but have communication problems in languages ​​that do not support Thai, resulting in a small number of applications. I hope the developer will have a plan to update it to support Thai language next time too.


Hello @jerdsak,
As Far As I Know,
There Is No Exact Date On When The Thai Language Will Be Released,
Please See This Announcement That Was Created 2 Months Ago.

A New Firmware Update For EMO Is Announced Every 2 Months, And The Update Is Announced By LivingAI Staff Member @Wayne_Zhang.

The Firmware v2.3.0 Is Currently In Beta Testing Right Now So It Will Be Released Very Soon.

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It the good news. I’m new that there will be many new functions.