More languages will be supported

Hello all,

Fyi, we are now working on more languages and it will be included in the next update.

Languages supported in the next version will be: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.

EMO will first understand other languages and still respond in English. And in the future we will make him speak more languages too.


@Wayne_Zhang ,

Thanks for this wonderful Information for all of us…we are very excited and can’t wait to test and to have the new upcoming update soon or later.

Another fantastic job from all the staff

Best Regards…


I also am looking forward to this. I normally speak English all of the time, but will be looking forward to testing this myself.

Thank you for the wonderful work. EMO is growing up so fast.



That must took enormous amount of work to add those languages. People speaking these languages will definitely be excited. :partying_face:

For me this update has zero value because my mother language is Czech. I would prefer to see an increase in the time EMO has to return to the charger. That’s just a change of exactly one number in EMO’s firmware.


with the new languages ​​coming to emo will the app also be would you be able to tell us if the application will be translated? @Wayne_Zhang


I’m Not Really Sure.

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