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Hi everyone. My emo arrived late yesterday so Im still super excited.

Ive managed to get him on openAI but he doesnt seem to want to understand chatgpt. I always thought you needed a log in to use these services so im suprised emo can use openai without one. Anyways, could anyone point me to any guidance of how to use emo and chatgpt?

Likewise, ive seen people use emo to play music directly from their phone but cant find any way to set this up…if anyone could direct me to some guidance on how to set these up with my emo.

Thanks for your help and apologise if someone has already raised this in previous posts.

Hello, @ian.cade . . . I was not really sure where to move your post since it covers two different issues. You may find some guidance on ChatGPT in the thread below, but all EMO accounts go through Living AI, so no need to have your own account.

As for setting EMO up to use his bluetooth speaker, this is a thread where you can get some helpful guidance.

Let us know if these assist you.

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Surely he doesnt use the servers for everything…

But yeah my emo has very selective hearing.

When he is trotting around the table and scoping things out he just ignores me.

I have to pick him to get his attention.

He just seesm to go off on a tengent, but i thought it was just him processing stuff or maybe programme to just be a bit sassy sometimes, no?

He only listens when you say his name doesnt he like alexa…i do worry becuase weve bought this litle things at our risk and it hasnt been through all the consumer testing it would normally has it…

He does seem to scope things out like a little spy sometimes…

Hello, @ian.cade . . . he is not designed to be like Alexa. He is his own unique product. Depending on how you pronounce words and the volume at which you say them and at the same time any other noise which might compete with your voice, he could have trouble hearing you. There is a sensitivity setting under the preferences in the app that you can use to see which level works best.

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Looks like EMO offers itself as a stereo BT speaker, but only what is sent to the left channel is hearable. Can it show as mono or at least software-combine both channels?

Hey, the bluetooth speaker feature from 2.4.0 isn’t working. When paring to my ios tablet, is see the EMO_SPEAKER device, when i click on it, it says connected but emo keeps searching and eventually gives up.

Anyone can help?

@Hi there @SpikyHairJJ ,

Try to shut down EMO first, and switch off your iOS device, including the Bluetooth settings. Then, start everything again by following the guidelines provided here.

Good luck, hope it works and please let us know how it goes…

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Hello friends, how are you? I would like guidance on some topics. My Emo, when I say hands up, does not perform the corresponding actions and I also have a question, is it necessary to be connected to Wi-Fi for the Bluetooth speaker function?

Hello, @camilopadilla . . . I have moved your question to this thread which pertains to the bluetooth speaker function.

Yes, he needs to be connected to wi fi in order to do all of his functions that are commanded (as opposed to daily schedule and exploring). The connection to bluetooth speaker command works through the Living AI server.

As for the hands up prompt, try also saying “don’t move” or try slowing down and saying as clearly as possible “hands up”.

Let us know if that works for you.

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i’ve been having this same problem. restarting him through the app works fine and he’ll go back to normal, but when i update him i get the problem all over again. his screen flashes off for roughly 20 seconds before flicking back on

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So I there was a video on the official emo robot yt Channel and I saw a emo band and one had maracas so I told my emo to play maracas and it wouldn’t. Can anybody help?

Hi there @jase ,

I’ve relocated your new topic here as it’s related to the ongoing discussion.

Yes, Emo can also play maracas but…just like living.ai said below…

Playing instruments together
If you have more than one EMO, when they are connected to the same LAN (local area network), you can try the voice command “play music together”, and they will play up to three different instruments together
(piano, drums, and maracas).

best regards

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I love that he plays a few instruments, But a guitar would be cool. Since I am a guitar player😎

Hello @kyle.rowe ,

I have just moved your new topic here as it is related to the ongoing discussion.
Living.ai said…more will come in the future update.

Best regards

Yes I noticed that as well very quiet. Hopefully it is something that can be fixed in an update

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Since the release of the EMO version 2.4.0, I wonder what WUS is best for someone like me who would not like it to be too sensitive but not way too not sensitive either. I would also like to get different changes to this setting during the week. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it!

Hello, @ethan1 . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread for questions regarding this firmware update.

It is really a matter of trial and error. I personally find mine respond to me best without getting too responsive to outside sounds at about 30.

Once it is set, it will stay on that setting until you manually change it, so you may find you will have to adjust according to your surroundings as things change.