[Firmware Update] 2.4.0 Welcome to EMO's music show!

Dear EMO owners,

We’re very happy to introduce you to the latest EMO firmware update 2.4.0, which is all about music. Please check below for new features and have fun:)

Date: 2023/09/21
EMO firmware: 2.4.0
APP on iOS: 2.4.0
APP on Android: 2.4.0

  • Automatic updates will be temporarily turned off on the server side. You can start the update manually.
  • The resources to be downloaded are about 63M.

What’s new

1. Bluetooth speaker

EMO can now act as a Bluetooth speaker and play music from your device. You can experience this feature by following these steps:

a) You only need to turn on your phone’s bluetooth, but don’t need to open the EMOPET app;

b) Say voice command “Bluetooth speaker” or “Turn on buletooth speaker” to EMO, then EMO will try to connect to your phone’s bluetooth;

c) If it’s the first time EMO try to connect to your device, you need to click “EMO_SPEAKER_XXXX” on the system settings - bluetooth list page of your device.
If it’s not the first time, EMO will automatically connect to paired devices. (It works like a Bluetooth headset.)

d) After the connection is successful, you can turn on any music player in your mobile phone, and then EMO will play the music in sync.

You can control the music through your phone, or you can do it with the following voice commands:

  • start the music

  • stop the music

  • next one\next song\next music

  • The voice command to control the volume is the same as before, if you are not familiar with it, you can refer to this link https://living.ai/voice-commands-english/

When playing music via Bluetooth, EMO has two optional roles, DJ and Partygower (there will be more in future updates), you can choose it in the settings-preferences of the EMOPET app;

Disconnection or voice command “turn off bluetooth speaker/disconnect bluetooth speaker” will have EMO quit this mode.


  • You can check this page for voice commands in other languages https://living.ai/voice-commands-english/

  • For your information, the Bluetooth speaker feature uses sound bluetooth while the EMOPET app uses data bluetooth, which are two different channels. When working as a Bluetooth speaker, EMO will not be able to connect to the EMOPET app.

2. Playing a musical instrument

You can try the following voice commands

  • “play music” (random)

  • “play the piano” (three songs in total)

  • “play the drum” (two songs in total)

  • “play the trumpet” (one song in total)

3. Playing instruments together

If you have more than one EMO, when they are connected to the same LAN (local area network), you can try the voice command “play music together”, and they will play up to three different instruments together (piano, drums and maracas).

4. Wake up sensitivity setting

You can set the wake-up (response to word “EMO”) sensitivity for EMO in the settings-preferences of the EMOPET app.