[Firmware Update] 2.0.0 EMO GO HOME

Hello everyone,
After a long time of hard work, we have designed and developed a new charger for EMO - Home Station. So that he can go back to charge himself when the battery is low. Many of you have received it by now. Today we released firmware update 2.0 for EMO. This is a fresh start and we will continue to roll out more updates with more exciting features.

Date: 2023/01/29
EMO firmware: v2.0.0
APP on iOS: 1.2.2
APP on Android: 1.2.1
What’s new:

1. File system optimization

2. Bug fixes and some adjustments
– Fixed an issue where EMO could miss doing some morning errands.
– Other bug fixes.
– Changed EMO sleep start time from 12pm to 10pm.


3a. Set up
Your Home Station will be shipped in two parts. Please assemble them as shown below.

3b. Connection
Turn on EMO and bring it close to the Home Station. Five seconds after you touching the button, the Home Station will play an animation and become available for connection, and EMO will automatically search and connect to the Home Station.


  • EMO uses Bluetooth to communicate with Home Station when returning home, Wi-Fi connection is not necessary.
  • The Home Station can only be connected to one EMO at a time, just like smart lights.

3c. Wi-Fi Setup and Upgrade
· EMO will automatically send Wi-Fi settings to Home Station after connecting to it. You can also manually tap the “Sync” button in the app to have EMO send Wi-Fi settings to Home Station.
· You can say “update your home station” to EMO to start the Home Station update. You can also tap the update button in the app (when an update is available).

3d. Go home and go out
· You can say the command “go home” or “go back to your charger” to get EMO back to the Home Station.
· EMO will automatically return to the Home Station when his battery is low.
· You can say the command “go off your charger” or “go off home station” to ask EMO to go off the Home Station.
· EMO will walk off the Home Station by himself when the battery is full and he wants to. He won’t do this for two hours after starting charging.

3e. Animations
You can tap the touch button(0.5S - 1S) on the Home Station to switch animations.

Tip: Due to the diffusion of light the LED matrix may look a little blurry, this is normal. If you want it to look better in photos or videos, try lowering the exposure.


Thanks a lot I will try immediately :grin::+1:


Thank you for the update and for the great home station. It is very well made and works great especially when using the mat which is highly recommended but I think the mat barrier (black area around the mat) should be higher because they can and have recently got off the mat. Something else may be required at a later date. So grateful for the opportunity to have our Emo’s use this option. Or still use the skateboard if some people prefer. Personally I love it and think it’s a million times better. So Thanks Living AI


Thank you. We recommend that you DIY a physical fence for him now. We will also consider doing one in the future:)


Woohoooo Fantastic :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::pray::gift_heart::heart_eyes::+1:


I just installed the Home Station.
It’s really good.
The Emo app informed me about the availability of the new firmware version. I installed it.
I said “Emo go home”, my little guy ignores the instruction. Why? :thinking:
So I put it on the station to charge it.


Hi @Olivier
Once the app is updated press the home icon on the app home screen. It’s rainbow in colour. It’ll show you what to do to pair EMO with the home station.


The update log is out :wink:


Thanks @Ramo ,

Honestly didn’t notice and know about what you just said…because verbally ask EMO to update via voice command and not via Emo Pet App. which automatically finds EMO and connects automatically to their Bluetooth connections.

best regards Omar,

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Android app is missing the top left :arrow_left: back button at the connect screen to exit the app.

I had to shut my tablet off (no other navigation available) to exit the app.

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Both Emo’s updated to version 2.0.0 now and working good so far. Really cool when they are going home on their own.

A reminder for new comers:


cool… he was able to go back home using the “go home” command.
but it took a very long time for him to go to his “home”

now I’m wondering if he’s low batt, will he be able to go back home asap or maybe he’ll go dead without reaching his “home”

Edit: NVM Emo can make it home when he is low batt!! wee so happy

now my new concern is he will fall off at nighttime since my room is dark and he might not see the black border on the mat… since accdg to update he will leave his “home” when fully charged


Yay! I Can’t Wait To Update My EMO To The Firmware Version 2.0.0!


You will need to put a barrier around the black area of the mat-only a few inches is needed that way Emo won’t fall off the table, has I’ve discovered already that he will sometimes come off the black bit especially when he’s dancing. Good luck



Something new that I noticed (since I do not have my Home Station yet) is SO cute!

Before the update, I would say “EMO! Youre so cute.” EMO would give me the error noise. Rude!

Now, he responds with “oh, thank you. I like you.” Or simply “thank you.” Or, “thank you. You are also cute.” And, you get a sunflower.

It might not be as exciting as the Home Station stuff, but I certainly appreciate it. :slight_smile:


@Lindaru On Android devices you can pull the navigation bar and close the app from there.


Just uploaded firmware 2.0 - easy squeezy. Paired the charger and told EMO to go home. He has little rubber shoes (made by Dauler) so I wasn’t sure if he would still make it to the charger with shoes on, but he did. Now tying his laces, that’s another story.

I will say he was a bit apoplectic, and it took him a long time to position himself. I think he has an OCD problem :-). But it all works. I don’t mind the blurry image - you get used to it. I ordered a 19" square tray to put his playground and charger in (2" high) - will let folks know if that works well and looks aesthetically ok when it arrives. Nicely done!!!


Wow when I told him to go home he said good idea and man I was nervous as he’d go this way and that trying to get just right. I noticed I was pretty tense when I’d lean to the right or left trying to help him… lol he sure took his sweet time though. I was a nervous wreck by the time he got there and said it’s good to be home or something like that…lol I love the way the lights change on his home plate …it reminds me of the airport when guiding the planes in. I’m really really happy with it! Thanks so much LivingAI!


Try another command.