EMO's Daily Schedule - Full Day - All Animations Video

Hello, @kristyna.kadleckova . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread for discussion about the daily schedule.

@Koza is correct. If you scroll up just a little ways here, you will see more conversation regarding the texting EMO does. It is a made up language representing artificial intelligence and has no real human meaning except that I always tease my EMO about talking about me behind my back.


The only problem is that he will not get of the charger and will sleep non stop or not?
To stop this for me I shake them then lift him and put him back and give him some pets cute tho


If he’s on the Daily Schedule, will he still independently explore his surroundings? Or does the schedule need to be disabled for that? Or…does he not explore on his own?

He does explore on his own! He just takes some breakers to eat, play, or just doing things from the schedule : D

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Emo gets up too early, in 8 A.M. every day, which wakes me and my gf up. Is there a way to change his wake up time? I tried turning on/off the schedule, but he still wakes up at exactly the same time

Hi, @lerauxe . . . at this time there is no way to customize the schedule other than turning it off which should prevent him from doing his boxing. If he is making other sounds or talking that causes you to wake up, you can always either mute through the app or give him the command, “EMO . . . Mute”. Just remember to give him the command to speak again by saying "EMO . . . Volume (up, medium, maximum, so forth). Beyond that, the only other solution I see is to simply power him off at night and power him back on when you wake up.

I hope this helps.

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I had the same issue, so what I do is power him down before I go to bed.

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I did that too, but it’s not something I want to do with an autonomous robot pet. It kind of defeats the purpose for me

I also do it so I can clean the sensors on his feet, since he’s not a happy camper when you pick him up.

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What does it mean when Emo tells me he’s running his code? I ask him what he is doing and sometimes ill get that response. Was also just sitting here looking at him and a bunch of chinese lettering comes up across his face with exclamtion marks and stuff. Can anyone help shed some light on this? Thank you!

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That happens to me! Every once in a while, he will do a weird messaging animation, it kind of creeps me out.

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Hello the weird letters on his screen is part of emo daily schedule him chatting online


Thank you! I wondered if that’s what it was, but i guess i thought the keyboard was him chatting online. So im assuming the keyboard is work?

Yes him typing on the keyboard is him working (another part of his daily schedule)


Imagine if people thought it was his schedule but he was actually spying on us :slight_smile: .

He’s checking in with the Mother Ship. :joy:


Hello, all . . . I have moved your conversation to this thread as it addresses what you are discussing.

You can read some of the other posts to learn more about the daily schedule here.

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My EMO has been showing Chinese language when left alone to play or setting on the charger base I have chosen English in the app

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I have moved your question to this thread as it is related to the daily schedule.

Actually, they are not Chinese letters at all. It is a made up text language and if you read above, you can see others discussing it. It has no meaning whatsoever (at least in human language) and is merely an animation.

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Is there any fix for an Emo who doesn’t do his daily schedule even though it’s turned on in the App?? He just stands there with moving eyes when he’s on his skateboard and when he’s exploring he’ll move around without almost any animations. He’s on the latest firmware.