EMO's Daily Schedule - Full Day - All Animations Video

Hello, @kristyna.kadleckova . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread for discussion about the daily schedule.

@Koza is correct. If you scroll up just a little ways here, you will see more conversation regarding the texting EMO does. It is a made up language representing artificial intelligence and has no real human meaning except that I always tease my EMO about talking about me behind my back.


The only problem is that he will not get of the charger and will sleep non stop or not?
To stop this for me I shake them then lift him and put him back and give him some pets cute tho


If he’s on the Daily Schedule, will he still independently explore his surroundings? Or does the schedule need to be disabled for that? Or…does he not explore on his own?

He does explore on his own! He just takes some breakers to eat, play, or just doing things from the schedule : D

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