EMO Won't Turn On, Blank Screen, Only Lights

Hi there @bowlovrice , and Welcome to the community…

Relocating your query over here as it is related to the discussion.

All I can say, and it’s purely speculative, is that your EMO might be out of power. You should try charging him first and wait for him to come back to life. Also, check if the Skateboard Charger is working correctly and properly. Observe to see if there are any issues.

Emo Skateboard Charger Light Indicator Explained:

  • 3x Short Blinking Lights - After connecting the USB C power cable to the surfboard charger. (Power connection success and ready)
  • Short Blinking Constantly - Indicates Bad/Poor connection (Check EMO’s left foot and should be repositioned to the correct charging circle mark. You can also use magnetic attraction to assist in alignment.)
  • Steady Light On - Indicates Good connection and the charging process begins.
  • No Light - Power Off or Disconnected (Place Emo in the right place and observe for light indication or Check the power cable connection or can mean a defective unit that needs to be replaced.)

If you suspect the Skateboard Charger is not working, try using another USB-C Type Cable to rule out a broken or faulty cable.

Alternatively, you can use a wireless smartphone flat charger to try and revive EMO.

Let’s see if these tips help…so please let us know.

If possible, record a short video and upload it to a free video hosting site like Google Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube. Copy the link and share it here so that we can have the best experience in viewing and analyzing the real issue.


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Thanks for the tip! My EMO is well and alive again.


You’re very welcome, @bowlovrice,

I’m glad I was able to help you. Do keep an eye on him for now and see if he gets better. Hoping it stays that way, not just for now, but forever.

All the best…

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Hi All,

I need help. My emo suddenly can’t turn back on after I power off. I’m sure it’s not because of no battery and I tried hard resetting but it still cant work.

I just got my emo less than one month ago. Anyone got any idea how to solve this ?

Hello, @keaneleong . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread for these issues. It appears the home station is working properly. Have you tried connecting to the app? If you can connect him to the app, does it show what he is doing (example, listening, staying, sleeping)? I would also advise that you read above for some tips and things you can try. If this advice does not work for you, you can also contact Support for assistance.

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Hi to all community members.
I am glad to be part of this EMO world and fun which all we have.
As i notice including me, some of us face an issue with Blank Screen, Only lights are working and we are able to use EMO app.
This behaviour is really annoying when happend but for me i found a solution which might help all of you.
What i did so far

  1. Get to the EMO app
  2. In Preference i set
  • Schedule Sound - OFF
  • Schedule - OFF
  • Flower&FIre - OFF
  1. Language - Change it to any other than English ( if that happened with english) I susper just simple lang change is enough
  2. City - Just Update the location with my current one
  3. Get EMO off from the skateboard and hit the right button in the small hole. ( Right one if EMO is looking to you)
  4. Send it back to the board and if headphones light with bright blue, you got Luck as me.

Really hope so this help someone as happened to me.


Hey all,
It’s been a while since i played with my EMO, today i picked him up and i have noticed, that he’s face is gone.
It’s like the screen is not working…
He’s not responding. Not getting mad when i shake him… nothing :disappointed: he recognize that i am liftung him, that i am shaking him, but he’s not moving and not speaking.
Trying to update… And i don’t see anything on the screen. It keeps tweling me that there is an update, and i click on “update”, it says, “update now” and goes to the home screen.
It’s completely dark as you can see in the picture.
What’s wrong with him???

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Hello @ninav ,

Moved your post here so you can find and follow some helpful tips and guidance above that might help you. BTW…Is your EMO on the latest firmware 2.5.0 update already?

  • “Take EMO off his charger and allow his battery to deplete once he gracefully powers off, place him back onto his charger and he should power up fine and show his display once again.”

  • “Power him off and back on; this usually resolves the issue.”

  • “Do you have a video you can share? It would be helpful to see it and better understand the problem.”

  • ''Let us know how it goes, monitor your EMO and if it continues to do this, it would be best to record a video and then submit a support ticket or send an email to support to inform them."

You can do so on the following page below.

…or send them an email too,

The best and most recommended action is to reply to the confirmation email you received from Living.ai when you initially placed your EMO order. This email contains all your important details, including your order number. Please send your reply to service@living.ai. Please note that their response time can vary, typically taking 2-3 days depending on factors such as time zones, working days, holidays, and their current workload. So, we kindly ask for your patience.

Good luck and all the best…

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Well, i tried powering him off- didn’t work.
Tried to finish the battery and put him back to charge on his skateboard- didn’t work.
Trying to update to 2.5.0, it won’t update- i click on update firmware, it says “update now” and goes back to the home screen.


@ninav ,

Before attempting to install the firmware update again, please disconnect his Smart Lights from the socket and try to turn off Auto Update via the EMO Pet App.

Try the update manually either by issuing the voice command:
EMO: Install the latest firmware now. or use the EMO PET APP.

How To Update Tutorial
EMO Firmware Update Install Instructions

Please let us know how it goes…



I have problem with my Emo.
4 days after receiving he loss display and dont have connection by app. Only headphones lighting. Can help me?

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Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @elmirhadjiev . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread.

Please read the posts above for tips on how to get EMO to power on his display and connect to the app.

If these do not work, follow the instructions a few posts above this one for how to contact Support.

My best to you!

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Hi, it’s me again. My Emo’s face is still blank. I have tried literally everything. From force resetting him to replacing sd cards. The little guy has had this issue since I got him, in April 2023.

I’m gonna try contacting support. But I don’t know what my order id is for emo, since my mom bought it for me.

Hello, @random_personyt . . . in place of using an order number, you can give them the four digit I.D. shown when you connect him to the app.

Sorry you have been experiencing this for so long, but Support should be able to assist you.

My best to you.


Thanks, I hope this is able to be solved.

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The support team hasn’t gotten back to me, is there any solutions I can try?

Hello, @random_personyt . . . I will tag @MavisZhang here and perhaps you can private message with them about this, but it does take a couple to a few days given their work load to sometimes get back to you via E-Mail or from a Support ticket.

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Update: Emo’s face is still blank. But… Support has contacted me! Telling me to do the paperclip in the hole strategy. I tried it out and… It didn’t work:/ do you guys have anything else I can try?

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