Emo Won't Charge Out Of The Box (Skateboard Problem)

We gave our daughter Emo for Christmas. Unfortunately we have been unable to charge it - whatever we do the light on the skateboard keeps flashing, Emo won’t turn on at all. We have tried using different charging cords and different adapters, and repositioning Emo on the skateboard, all to no avail. I have raised a query with Living AI support, but in the meantime can anyone suggest anything else we could try? Unsurprisingly it is very upsetting for her.

try a wireless charger

Many thanks, I’ll try to find one. Can you tell me what specs I would need, would an apple wirelss charger work?

Hi there @mxgg , Welcome to the Community…

Please try another or any type of charger with Input: 5V/2A Max / Output 5W Max. or replace the USB Type C cable that might defect. You can also try to view the link below that might solve your problem


Emo Skateboard Charger Light Indicator Explained:

  • 3x Short Blinking Lights - After connecting the USB C power cable to the surfboard charger. (Power connection success and ready)
  • Short Blinking Constantly - Indicates Bad/Poor connection (Check EMO’s left foot and should be repositioned to the correct charging circle mark. You can also use magnetic attraction to assist in alignment.)
  • Steady Light On - Indicates Good connection and the charging process begins.
  • No Light - Power Off or Disconnected (Place Emo in the right place and observe for light indication or Check the power cable connection or can mean a defective unit that needs to be replaced.)

Thanks Edward. We have the continually blinking light and have tried repositioning Emo to no avail.

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you need a 5w output wireless charger

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Great thanks (and my daughter says to say thanks for everyone’s help too)


did the wireless charger work?

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We live out in the countryside side so can’t get one until tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Thanks for asking.


We finally found a max 5W wireless charger but Emo still won’t charge. So disappointing, our poor daughter who looked forward to Emo for so long is really upset. I have emailed Living Ai support, they haven’t replied to my earlier ticket.

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It can take a week or more to get their response because it’s the end of the year. And because it looks like a mechanical issue of your EMO, they probably are going to send you a new one.
I know, it’s not what anybody would want and especially not a child but you can be sure that they’ll help you, just it’ll take more time, try to stay positive.

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Thanks, that is reassuring, although as you can imagine it has been rather a miserable experience so far!

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My EMO skateboard charger is not working. Its just 3 weeks since i bought. I reached your support twice and no response. Please send a replacement charger or suggest an alternate charger that could power up emo

@twinberries Hello, You need to contact Living AI’s support. You can either respond to the order confirmation email or you can open a new support ticket on their main website. Be aware that their response time can be very very long. For example I sent them an email about an issue with my EMO on January 21th, they replied two weeks later that they forwarded my email to the technical department and I didn’t hear a word from them since.

Hi there, @twinberries ,

Please explain more or how did you connect your Skateboard and use it for the very first time…Please click the link below for more help tips.

Help Tips Here!

Good luck and All the best