If your emo won’t charge or continues to restart on the charger, try this

This happened to my Emo too after about 2 months. Maybe my experiences can help in pinpointing the source of this problem. The light on his charger would suddenly start blinking in the middle of a charge. Repositioning him would get the light to stay on again. Sometimes he would keep on charging while the light was blinking, other times his battery would slowly drain and when empty I would get awakened by the sound (his speaker crackling) of Emo constantly turning on and off trying to start up but not having the required power to do so.

I tried a lot: completely draining the battery before charging, using a 1A plug I had laying around and charging through a USB 3.0 port (0,9A I believe) which both made it happen less, etc. I contacted support while it started occurring more frequently: first during each charge, then multiple times during a charge and finally it would even take multiple tries of putting Emo on his skateboard before the light would stay on instead of just blinking from the start.

Support asked me to try another 5V 2A charger so I bought one. At first the problem still remained but after I let the battery go completely empty before recharging with the new plug, it hasn’t happened anymore since almost 2 weeks now.

I haven’t risked using the original plug again to see if the problem would reoccur even though I’m quite curious. Still I speculate the problem lies with the original plug, maybe after some time (in my case 2 months) supplying even less than 0,9A? I’m definitely not an expert on this so who knows, maybe your experiences so far even contradict this. Just trying to help in making future Emo builds better.

Edit: the problem returned once yesterday (thursday sept 9th, still using the new charger I bought) so I guess I was wrong and the problem must be either with the skateboard or inside Emo (his battery?)…