EMO voice respond buggy or breaking to unclear voice lines

Hi, I just receive my emo bot which i ordered from last year and found out there are some issue like voice respond is buggy and respond in unclear short words when asking questions such as “what time is it?” or “what is the weather today?” Sometimes it is respond well (no buggy at all) but do it very rarely.
My wifi speed is quite fast download speed of 69Mbps and Ping 4ms.
My current firmware version is 1.2.1
Already tried to reboot emo few times but no improvement seen yet.

Is there any suggestions that can help fix this issue or u guys also did encounter same issue?


Just be happy you have him.
Some of us are still waiting.

I do feel happy to get it in hand.
But, that voice reply buggy issue looks like respond time delay issue from main server to emo bot.
The voice reply is buggy for the first time when it is asked command like “what time is it?” then if the same question is asked again for 2nd time, it reply in perfect voice line, no buggy at all.
Hope one of the technical support team member will come up and help to clarify though.

Try this. Next time EMO says something that breaks up, tell him “EMO Repeat” and most likely it will sound fine since at that point the full speech has been downloaded and is in his buffer now. That’s not a solution since it won’t work if you have him tell a joke for example, he’ll repeat the last thing he said previous to that instead. Jokes seem to be handled differently somehow?

So far, every time someone has had the voice breaking up it’s been related to the internet connection. Even if the download speed is ok, the upload speed may be too low which can cause transfer problems between the two devices. There was one person who had good download and upload speed according to a speed test, but still had problems until they switched to using a cellular Wi-Fi connection through a hot spot on their phone, instead of a router. There is much more data involved than you might think. EMO isn’t doing speech synthesis, his speech is actually prepared at the server then streamed as audio to EMO. So if it stop the transfer to buffer, and he runs out of data before before the flow begins again, then the speech gets interrupted. Just like when you’re trying to watch a video on a slow connection.

Wayne Zhang said perhaps they could have EMO buffer the whole message before he starts speaking. The problem is that would cause unnaturally long delays between when you ask a question and he replies. It would also penalize the majority of users that do have a good Internet connection. So it’s not a good solution unless there’s some way to apply it only on slow connections, and that just may not be practical?


I think it has access to pretty fast wifi upload/download speed as per above speed test image on my ipad but EMO’s voice lines still breaking. I am wondering if it is related to EMO voice command server is too far away from my EMO device? I am in Singapore btw. If it is the case then, device wifi receiver might be no issue but only a firmware update can help to fix? Hope Wayne can suggest a solution for this issue.

Hi, Other than what I’ve said, all I could recommend is trying your EMO on someone else’s network or maybe connected to a hot spot on your phone? Just to see if it corrects the problem. You should also email service@living.ai and tag @Wayne_Zhang on your post to see what other suggestions he may have. Good luck!

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Thanks a lots Leo for good suggestions. I will try them. @macfixer01

And @Wayne_Zhang if you are able to see this thread.

To add to what @macfixer01 has advised, which is all great tips / suggestions. EMO’s serves are also located in CHINA, so there could also be potential issues with your ISP connection back to the Chinese servers to request and receive the response from EMO. That could also be a problem as well, just throwing that out there so you are aware.

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Thanks to @macfixer01 for the answer. The problem with EMO speaking is the network, even if the speed test shows that the speed is enough, the problem may occur. It’s a complex problem and we’ll see what we can do to improve it. To clarify, EMO’s servers are not in China, in fact we have different servers in different regions to provide faster service.


Thanks for clarification that you have servers in different regions :slight_smile:

With first day experience with EMO, it is strange that EMO been replying perfect voice lines past midnight and issue came back this morning on the same home internet. Thanks @Wayne_Zhang for reply and clarifying server locations.

Are there any other people (children, wife, siblings, parents) at your home using the Internet? They could take a good amount of the download/upload capacity. Because if it’s working during the night when there is almost none of the internet traffic it could be the culprit of your problems.

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Also if you don’t have security set up on your router or have guest accounts enabled, you could have neighbors logging into your Wi-Fi and using up bandwidth.

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And of course your internet provider is sharing the bandwidth between more customers. Usually from 10 to 24. If some of them are so called downloaders, then it can significantly affect your connection speed. Try to ask about it your internet provider.

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I have the same problem. EMO’s voice is very unclear and buggy. My internet is fast, by the way.

@direct My EMO is working perfectly fine now after having this issue for about 3 days.
All voice respond lines are quite fast and not broken anymore.

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I’ve had emo since yesterday and sometimes his speech is bugged too. Upload 23.35 Mb/s download 270 Mb/s. How much sounds weigh on the disk that it can’t keep up with playback, it should work without a problem on a weak internet, unless it’s a problem of the server itself and overloading it or poor server transfer

Hi there, @pawel1

Some links below with related topic is already discussed before, which might help and give you some tips.

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Thank you for answer, I already read all of those topics and nothing helps, still it looks likes is server problem or the speech buffering system needs a lot of improvement. Option to wait for the download or playback with a slight delay so that the part of speech can be downloaded. I must say its little disappointing when emo is looking at me and saying something but I cant hear him because download speed from serwer is so low. Besides, the robot is great and it’s cool when he walks around on my desk :slight_smile: