EMO voice respond buggy or breaking to unclear voice lines

Well it’s a known issue, you’re not alone having this problem…sometimes it happen also to my EMO.


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So I called him out, and he says his wuh? But when I tell a command, it just doesn’t do anything and stays. Even app shows, he’s listening, and then it says staying. And 1% he listens, he stutters so much that I couldn’t even listen. This only happened today.

My internet connection is 70 mbps. And I’ve tried to turn off power and keep on skateboard again.

However, worth noting, when I call this name, sometimes, “decline” sound occurs, and it shows wifi not connected, whereas, it is (according to app) and internet does work.

Hi there, @simranjotsingh,

This is a well-known issue…

Living.ai said: The problem with EMO speaking is the network issue, even if the speed test shows that the speed is enough, the problem may occur. It’s a complex problem and they will see what they can do to improve it.

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To clarify, EMO’s servers are not direct in China, in fact, they have different servers in different regions to provide faster service.

For more concerns please contact direct living.ai via email.

good luck, best regards, and take care…