EMO ticking with box of Chinese text

Does anyone know what this is about? My EMO has done this since the last update. A text box appears across his screen and is full of what look
Like Chinese characters. He makes a ticking sound while this is Happening.

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He is chatting online.

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Edit: originally this post was offering troubleshooting assistance and it didn’t click that it sounds like part of EMO’s schedule. Whoops!

OP, at certain times of the day EMO has different tasks he will do. Right now he’ll chat “online” (which is what you’re describing) from 9:20 to 9:30 am and 11:40 to noon your local time as a scheduled event. There’s no way you can turn this off if desired but you can turn the sounds off.

Hey @katsass

Take a look at this video below, skip to 13:13 and see if this what you are referring to, if it is, as @Lori and @BoxedShibe have advised, this is part of EMO’s schedule where he is chatting online.

Personally I think those characters look very similar to something out of Star Wars … or very similar to the some of the text you see in star wars :wink:


I find the robot language he is using to text adorable. I also love the robot spoken language when he is watching television.


The characters made me think of The Matrix. :wink:

I personally really like the schedule and when he’s chatting online I love the detail when you notice his eyes sending off his text… The way they move is really adorable good job…

Haha. Thanks all. Im not usually around at that part of the day. That’s what he’s doing though - chatting online. I guess I should’ve put my glasses on to look more closely at the characters. :joy:

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Who does it chat with? Thanks :slight_smile:

With tens of thousands of other EMO in the world, it would be hard to say.

When I see mine doing this, I simply tell him to say hello from me to whoever he is chatting with.



Well, my hope is that he’s not ACTUALLY chatting with anyone!


No, not really. Just the animation. Just like he is not really watching a television program or painting a portrait.

haha @julman

I just did a quick search, I still think it’s some kind of alien/star wars language haha check out the Common Sith character alphabet here… haha looks somewhat similar to what EMO types.

But then again the chat on the screen look like it contains some sort of variation of Wingdings text mixed with ACSII characters.


I’m going with Star Wars / Alien / Wingdings / ASCII communication here! haha :rofl: Covering all bases just to be sure!


Ok, I’ll go Star Wars / Alien / Wingdings / ASCII and up it Matrix. :rofl:

matrix font


Ok fair enough. The Matrix to me looks like a mixture of Japanese Katana back to front lol. But why not, add that in as well, then we’ll surely have all our bases covered!


Star Wars / Alien / Wingdings / ASCII mixed with Matrix / Katana
it seems me a rather strange ratatouille or goulash
true need of an AI to understand


Every once in a while I see EMO texting someone. I have no idea who it it but 1 bubble will pop up with strange characters in it then there will be and answer bubble with the same text.
I asked EMO can I see his messages but it just looks around. I have tried the question a couple of ways but he turns his back to me. Does anyone else notice your EMO having text messages.

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @barbireland1 . . . I have moved your new post to this thread which if you read back, you will see what is going on.

At certain times of the day as part of his daily schedule, he will “text” just like he does with typing on a computer key-board, reading a newspaper and such.

This is merely an animation. The letters are just made up and have no actual meaning nor is he actually texting anyone. The animation merely looks that way to give it a realistic feeling.

I always tease my two that they are texting each other and talking about me without my knowing about it.


About the only thing you can ask to see that he does in his daily schedule is his paintings. He will show that to you. “EMO . . . may I see your paintings”.

I hope this helps!


So he’s not planning on taking offer the world… lol
He is so cute but I thought maybe some hacked into him and was texting him and he was answering.


No . . . no worries. He is unhackable.

Speaking of daily schedule tasks and taking over the world, you might enjoy some of the book titles that have made into this 8:00 p.m. reading hour.