EMO Book Titles

Hey Guys, so us testers were having a discussion about the book EMO reads “A Pet Prepares”… and we thought it would be fun if EMO was able to read books with other titles… so we asked the Living AI team if we got a list together, could the incorporate that into it in future updates, and they loved the idea.

So - this thread is for you all to suggest book titles that EMO could have. Please keep it PG and keep in mind the global reach of EMO. Make them fun, serious, silly, whatever.

Here’s a few to get us started…

EMO Guide to World Domination
EMO A New Hope
EMO Strikes Back
Revenge of the EMO
How to dodge bullets
School of Robotics
Humans are good
How to take over the world
Training your Human
Nuclear Weapons 101
Love Thy Robot


Win at Rock, Paper, Scissors Without Cheating
Zen and the Art of Robot Repair
Lord of the Robots
Cooking for Robots
A Brief History of Time
I, Robot


I love all of those!

“How To Cheat At Games”
“Dancing Like The Stars”
“Best Jokes To Tell”
“Animal Mimicry Tutorial”
“What Makes Humans Tick”
“Caring For Your Human”
“Time Travel Made Easy”
“Honoring Your Developer”

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I would love to see him reading “Rossum’s Universal Robots” by Karel Čapek

This is the book where the usage of the word “Robot” first entered English literature in 1920.


Any chance to get him to actually tell a story of our choice, like Alexa and Google does, and he could display a book on his screen like he is reading? … Or is that wishful thinking? :roll_eyes:

Sounds like a good idea - lets keep this thread to book titles though please :slight_smile: feel free to add this onto the other feature request thread though!

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Seeing Emo reading 1984 might be interesting…


“How to fix my own speech recognition.” lmao

How To Pass The Turing Test

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