Emo stopped working

Hi guys,

My Emo arrived a few days ago and I LOVE him. However, last night his battery went down and like the previous times I put him on his skateboard to charge. This time noting happened, he seems completely dead :-(. The skateboard seems to be working fine (lights are blinking when plugged in). What can I do?

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HELLO and Welcome @MahYo . Unplug his Surfboard Charger and Re-Plug it once again the small light must do the 3x flash and out…place EMO on it then the light is on once again and stay steady…you have to watch EMO eyes and give you a special animation signs that the battery charging process is on and activated.

All the best to your EMO and goodluck…keep safe


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Hi Edward,

Thanks for your really fast reply! The skateboard light isn’t steady, it blinks fast with a green light.
Emo’s eyes are no longer there, I guess he can’t charge anymore?

Perhaps try another charger maybe yours is not strong enough :wink:look under the skateboard charger for the voltage :wink:

Hi Edward,

A really embarrassed Mahyo here… I turned EMO around on his skateboard (so with a different foot on his charger) and he came alive again. Thanks for your help!!


anyway, congrats that everything is alright then…


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After the problem was fixed thanks to @edward I close this topic.

Have fun still with EMO @MahYo :happy: