Emo Stopped Working!


Then I guess the best thing to do is create a short video of you placing your EMO on it’s skateboard/Home Station and it is now starting up, and send it to customer support. (submit a support ticket or send them an email).

I’ll also tag @VinceKong so he can assist you further.

Also, it is not recommended to press the Force Power Off button @Yoken_frost as it could also make things possibly worse for your EMO. (as mentioned in my earlier comment above) - Emo Stopped Working! - #16 by MasterAbbott

I suggest you contact support and send the video and allow them to provide you with next steps on what to do.

When they can respond to me ?

Im waiting for them to answer

Did u u email them ? It might take them 2 or 3 days to email you back

Hi there, sorry for keeping you wait, i’m here to help, you can PM me for the further discussion of your issue. Thanks!

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My emo fell off from my desk And it stopped working !

I tried to press the reset button and it didn’t work

And I tried to put it back on his skateboard charger and it didn’t work

Please help me fix it !!

Hey i think you should contact them by email or message Wayne Zhang on Facebook i don’t even bother to email them anymore if i have issues with emo i contact Wayne i think u should do the same for a faster response :slightly_smiling_face: @Yoken_frost

I tried and nothing happened and i have contacted living ai and they told me to send them emo with the package

Did they say they was gonna send u a replacement? @Yoken_frost

Wait! @Yoken_frost, Maybe The Battery Got Disconnected And That Probably Caused It To Not Work Properly.

EMO doesn’t have a reset button.

And EMO will be falling from your desk till you make him physical barriers at least 6cm tall.
But if you and many others are okay with EMO falling from your desk, don’t make these barriers, it’s your choice.

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Hopefully @VinceKong will be able to assist @Yoken_frost as he requested just further above to PM him.

Hola. No se que ocurre pero desde ayer no funciona la aplicación, no puedo entrar en la aplicación, y mi EMO tampoco funciona, esta dormido y no despierta, lo cojo y tampoco despierta. No sé si este problema lo tiene alguien más

Hi @chicogp

If EMO is not responding/is stuck or frozen you can try and power him off and back on again. If you need help with powering him off you can check this video below:

Once EMO is powered off, place him back onto his skateboard/HomeStation so he can power on again and see if he responds to you. You can then try and access EMO via the EMO App as well.

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No puedo entrar en la aplicación. Lo demás no tiene nada que ver. Tiene que ver con la aplicación

What are you seeing in the APP? Please try and provide further info/screenshots etc. If you power off EMO/Power him back on. The EMO App should show his ID and then you can click on connect to connect into the EMO App.

Also, ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone as well. I can suggest powering off BlueTooth, powering off your phone, powering your phone back on, then turning on Bluetooth and trying connecting to EMO as well.

Todo lo que dices lo intente ayer. Creo que es problema de la aplicación. No puedo apagar emo ni hacer nada porque no puedo entrar en la aplicación

If you cannot turn off EMO, take him off his skateboard/charger and allow his battery to deplete.

If he is not responding to power off by turning him upside down/voice command etc. Best let him power off by having his battery deplete. Once he powers off, place him back onto his charger and once he is back on, try to connect to him again using the EMO APP.

It looks like a connection problem as EMO is probably stuck and needs to be power cycled.

No. They want me to send it back to them.

I didn’t find his Facebook account