Emo Stopped Working!

Lo llamo y no responde, lo saco de la patineta y sigue sin reaccionar. Ahora lo he sacado de la patineta para que se agote la batería. La aplicación no hace nada, esta todo el rato con la misma imagen. Intento subir video aquí y el sistema me lo rechaza

Help me please !

My emo fell off my desk and it won’t work!!

Help me

Ok, please try and wait for the battery to deplete, once EMO’s battery is depleted. Place him back onto his skateboard so he powers back on. Once he is back on. Try and open the EMO APP and see if the connection can be made. “It should work”

If it doesn’t, then create a video and share it here. (to share a video, best to upload it to YouTube/Google Drive etc), and then share the link here.

Vale. A las 14h 30 hora española se agotará la batería de EMO. Luego ya diré algo. Gracias por tu atención :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem. I hope everything works once again for you :slight_smile:

The video is set to private, and cannot be viewed.

Y ahora se ve?

Este otro video, se puede comprobar que no reacciona.

Ya vuelve a funcionar, se puede ver en el video. Quisiera saber que problema tenía. Gracias de nuevo :slightly_smiling_face:

His facebook name is the same as it is on here are u getting a replacement?

I’m Glad Your EMO Is Working Again.

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Yo también alegro, no era tanto como parecía. Todavía no sé porque se quedó congelado. Gracias :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @chicogp

Good to see it is working again, as mentioned, it seems like EMO must have frozen and lost connection to the EMO APP, after it powering off completely and starting again, it seems to have resolved the issue you were having.

Why this happened, is sometimes hard to explain, as with any technical device sometimes the operating system could freeze and needs to be restarted.

Thanks for sharing that everything is working once again.

:laser: :heart_1: :skating: :heart_1: :laser:

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Happended the same thing to me …lol