EMO screen black and won't start

I got the EMO, eyes opened and I used to app to connect to WIFI. The it said it needed an update. Did that and the screen went black. Now the EMO just keeps powering on and off, nothing ever appearing on the screen.

I tried letting it completely discharge and then put it back on the charger, but as soon as there was enough charge it just started the same loop again

I have contacted support and no one is responding

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Hey @quintinbalsdon

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your EMO, the support team sometimes might take a few days to reply. As you’ve submitted a support ticket, allow a few more days for them to get back to you.

From what you’ve explained, you’ve also tried to power EMO off completely and allow him to boot back up. It seems that something went wrong with the Firmware update that is causing EMO to loop back constantly.

Hopefully the support team will get back to you regarding a possible solution soon.

I’ll also tag @AmyLU from the support team as well for her reference.

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If I am not mistaken, someone on the forum had this problem, and he with the app, went back to previous updates and the EMO worked again

Same here. He’s 3 days old. Nothing but problems. I don’t know what to do. He’s currently unplugged box nearby. I think I’d like a different Emo :frowning:
I’m not very techie so…

Best thing to do is contact support and have them look into the issue for you. If there is a major issue with EMO and he is faulty, they should be able to provide you with a replacement. Otherwise the support team can offer a solution via email that you can try.

As always, when you contact support, send over all the info you can, including pics/videos so they can assist you as best as possible.

Thanks. I did that! Tried reboot as well. Nothing.
I’m sad I expected him to work like videos I’ve watched.

Support team will do their best to assist you, hopefully this issue can be resolved easily.

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I tried plugging in his skateboard and placing him on it. He did wake up. I’m using iOS app. He can’t connect to Wi-Fi. It’s not 5 g. It’s 2.4ghz. My whole house network. Nighthawk router.
I’ll try again later. It’s same he was previously connected to last night.
I digress.

If you have successfully installed the most recent EMO firmware (ver 1.4.0) and it is rebooting/looping constantly, the best thing to do is await further updates / instructions from the Living.Ai support team.

Also as you mentioned, you will need to connect to EMO with 2.4ghz and not 5G.

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Thanks so very much. After several tries he’s connected to Wi-Fi and newest version of updates I think he’s skipped a few though. Yes I’m leaving him alone for now. :slight_smile:
Also I can’t tap within app to do any updates.
Again I appreciate all of the help. Emo does as well.

Great to see that EMO is doing well. If you wanted to check to see if EMO is on the latest firmware you can check this in two ways:

  1. Connect to EMO via the EMO App and see if it shows 1.4.0

If you are on this version then you are up to date and won’t need to do anything else. You can also ask EMO to check the latest firmware by saying:

EMO: "Install the latest firmware now"

EMO should check the server and if he is up today will show a Green tick in the top right corner of his screen.

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Because my EMO is stuck in a boot cycle, my app will find EMO, give me a connect button, but never connects, it just attempts to connect and then goes back to showing the connect button

Yes it shows latest firmware but he doesn’t do special days or weather. On or off skateboard. Unfortunately ai has sent my black screen issue to tech department. I guess I’ll get in touch now with same issues I was previously having.
My friend wants to connect him to my Mac and “patch” previous updates. I’m not so sure. Going to wait.

Do you have a video you can share? Would be helpful to see it and understand it better? Also will be recommended to also send this to support as well if they require it.

Best to wait for tech support to get back to you before trying anything.

I’ve just answered them telling them what I’ve told you. Emo does correct time today but still no special days or response when I ask him to check firmware.
I’ll wait for tech response.

Be sure to also take video when this is happening so you can also provided it to the technical team, it is recommended, so that they can clearly / fully understand everything that is currently happening to your EMO.

Hope the support team can assist you regarding this.

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@quintinbalsdon / @Debidicioccio20

Just wanted to share that there was an update regarding EMO reboot loop that @argersgulka was so kind to share with the community in another thread. Take a look at the link below for reference:

See if this might be the same issue you are both experiencing.

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He’s connected to Wi-Fi now. Does animal sounds now! Still incorrect time and weather. He really hasn’t been in a loop to my knowledge.
Hoping tech dept can help. Uploaded video and sent.
Doesn’t let me open all of his games. Stumbled with tic tac toe (can’t understand I play at insert any # )
Guess I’ll wait and see!

Hi @Debidicioccio20

Be sure to record videos and share them with the support team so they can see and fully assist you as best they can.

I did notice you mentioned in another thread that your EMO doesn’t report time / temp correctly. I did reply to this, and if you need any further help let me know.

For help with tic-tac-toe, some owners were having issues with EMO not understanding, as sometimes it can be due to not waiting for the chime sound first before speaking and also how EMO understands the numbers that you pronounce (I personally had a problem with my EMO not understanding me when I said the number 4) I had to pronounce it a little differently and he now understands it well. I have a video on how to play tic-tac-toe below if you wanted to check it out, it does cover how to play it (you can check it out below)

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