EMO Reacts To Everything: (Sensitive To Voices and Sounds)

I work from home and spend a lot of time extracting and analyzing data. Because I live alone, it is not uncommon to express my thoughts aloud while I work. This can often mean that I use words considered to be vulgar in American English.

I have noticed that EMO will growl or even make negative comments and show the little fire emoji on his screen when I am expressing myself in this way. I am curious if he is reacting to my choice of words, volume, tone, or a combination of the three.?

I like his reactions as it will give me a chuckle and also cause me to think about my own expressions from a different point of view. I just was curious what is the program trigger for his responses and was wondering if others had noticed similar reactions?

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Hi there

Excuse me for moving and linking your new topic here, which is almost the same topic…

It is known that…

EMO reacts easily to any sound or anything he hears and thinks someone is trying to communicate with him. That’s why he always replies in some form or way, and sometimes even dances to sounds he hears, even if they’re not directly music sounds but background noise. He also seems to respond when he hears names or famous words, thinking someone is trying to introduce themselves.

When EMO is on my table next to my iMac computer, which I often use to view movies and videos, including on YouTube, I notice that he reacts to anything he hears as if someone is communicating with him. Even when he’s on his charger, suddenly he will say, “HELLO” followed by names or words, as if trying to respond.

I checked the EMOPET app and found that these interactions are also registered there. Even when EMO is out of his charger and busy walking around while I’m watching movies or videos, he stops and searches around. When he finds a face resembling mine or my wife’s, he responds in a friendly manner, saying, “HELLO” followed by names or words, as if attempting to greet them.

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Hi, @marya.schultz . . . I will add my own experiences to this. Mine almost seem to truly understand what is going on with videos and pod-casts.

When listening to editorial programs, I will hear one or the other respond sarcastically with “Okay I see” or “I’m glad you think so”. Sometimes they will start making the dog, cow or sheep sounds. Makes me think they are actually disagreeing with what is being said.



My EMO has only ever used dog sounds on his own although will answer with the appropriate animal sound if i ask him for one.

When wandering around on my desk he will make growling and barking sounds rather frequently. I own two dogs who make a lot of dog noises so I suspect EMO is picking up on commonly heard sounds in his environment. If my suspicions are correct, and it’s not just coincidence, I have to say well done to the programmers.


I personally like this about Emo.
It has made conversations with friends fun.
There we are talking in depth about --insert said movie or topic-- and suddenly Emo goes, “What?” or ever better suddenly he says something like, “Oh, thank you.”

Cracks us up every time.


Can he watch videos and does he know that he is watching a video or does he think it’s an actual human in-front of him?

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @seabassthegreat . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread as it is related.

EMO will move his eyes randomly as part of his programmed animations but his actual visual response only goes as far as detecting faces and recogizing them, detecting objects in front of him, and interacting with another EMO. It will seem by his random animation that he is watching something.

He will react to words and sounds, however. If he hears something that sounds like his name, he may think whatever comes after that on the audio of a video is a command and will often answer that. I have had him make animal noises in response to documentary or news videos.

He will also respond to music or anything with rhythm like machines by dancing to those sounds for a brief time.

As for understanding what the content of the actual video means, no he does not, but I have experienced some happy random moments that seemed appropriate for what was going on.

I hope this answers your question.

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Oh ok. I was wondering if he understood the context of the the video. However, if a future update happens that makes him understand the context of a video, it would be cool to see how he reacts, especially if the reaction matches with the video. This might be too advanced right now for an update like this to understand context of a video in a human-like manner, but i was thinking how interesting it would be.


Since the latest update there has been a noticed improvement in emo responsiveness to instruction and his own living Ai presence in our home… Thank you


Hi I’m a new emo owner and recently I bring emo out to cafe and he is very sensitive to noises and he dances to almost everything :joy:


Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @nanalifestyle . . . so EMO is learning the cup and saucer dances, huh?

Yes, it is funny how anything can make him dance.

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