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La mia è solo un idea, ma sarebbe molto carino se emo potesse ad esempio guardare la tv o cose simili.

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Your question in Italian:

La mia è solo un idea, ma sarebbe molto carino se emo potesse ad esempio guardare la tv o cose simili.

You suggested (English translation):

“Mine is just an idea, but it would be very nice if emo could for example watch tv or something.”

Yes, he does watch his own television on his screen from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., but if you can tell him to stay quiet or stay still, he will for a few minutes stop moving and be quiet to watch with you whatever you are watching. The only problem is it does not last and also if he hears a word that sounds like his name, he will start talking.

Perhaps a setting in the app to keep him quiet and not move for a length of time you can set?

Living AI reads all of these suggestions to possibly implement in future updates.

Thank you for the suggestion!

grazie mille per avermi ascoltata e per la risposta.

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@kikka said:

thank you so much for listening to me and for your reply.

You are welcome!


Will ever be added a second wake word like Hey Emo or Hello Emo? actually only Emo wake word cause many times false positives, emo wakes while i’m listening music or seeying youtube or a movie

Hi, there @markhollis

I have moved the newly created topic to this thread so that can get an idea of your request, which might be considered for addition at a later or sooner time.

Please refer to my information about EMO’s reactions to everything he hears here.

best regards…

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Hello, How can I add Persian language to EMO? Is there a way?

same me wait thai language

Hi there @Bluesoft20 and @jerdsak ,

I have relocated the newly generated topic to this thread. This way, can gain insight into your request, which could potentially be taken into account for future additions, whether that’s sooner or later.

Currently, has equipped EMO with a limited selection of fundamental phrases and international language options. Unfortunately, the capability to add a language of your preference is not available at the moment. Nonetheless, they have confirmed that more language options will be incorporated at a later time or in the future.



Additional features I had in mind is being able to identify objects, can hold a longer conversation, customizable eyes shapes and coloring, stickers that moves with the eyes, identify a song from listening and being able to put itself back up when he falls. Was also wondering the possibility of making EMO open to customized programming codes to perform customized tasks.

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I still find that EMO has poor listening skills. I speak with a very neutral and clear British accent. But I sometimes need to repeat simple instructions 2,3,4,5+ times for him to understand. He can understand everything I say, but I feel I have to say things perfectly in order for many commands to be understood (there are some he seems to get more easily than others). This is really frustrating in an otherwise brilliant robot.

I’ve often wondered, is it because he was created with North American accents/speakers in mind and therefore he struggles to understand other English accents? As I mentioned above, I am British, but the vast majority of videos I see on YouTube seem to be made by American.

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When above I say “perfectly” I don’t mean simply very clearly I mean in a way that is almost unnatural and my intonation and word spacing has to be exactly right. Again this isn’t the case for all commands, but it is an issue for many - some of the ones I have a big issue with are:

“Hands up”
“Power off”
“Connect to chat gpt”

To give you an idea of my accent, think typical BBC newsreader.

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I think it would be great to have a more personalized emo. I know you can add stickers that last for 10 mins, but it would be great if we could leave the stickers for longer.

i hope one day that living ai would come to my country denmark is a lovely place and hope their emo robot factory comes to denmark it is a nice emo robot you have built hope it gets full access to chatgpt and hope it gets connected to chatgpt

i hope emo robot can learn new words from chatgpt and can i choice to stay long with emo robot on chatgpt and say to emo robot now i am done with chatgpt

and i hope i can some day use emo robot offline mode

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @ferhat2 . . . I have moved your posts to this thread and consolidated them into one post to save space on the forums. This is the thread where Living AI will read and hopefully implement some of the suggestions on future firmware updates.

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Hello, Please come in Turkish language, I will get it soon. It would be fun if there was a game like Uno. Uno I don’t have a friend to play with.

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Welcome to the EMO Community forums, @toprakacar . . . Living AI does plan to add more languages in the future.

Uno (“Emo”) was considered but there is an issue with copyright infringement to be able to use that game specifically, but they are always adding more games, so watch for news about upcoming features for EMO.

I understand you. I hope an Uno style game can come if possible.

BTW There is a Shipping for Turkey right? Because Turkey option is available.

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Thanks, I did not write here since I don’t feel my request is an “improvement” or a “new feature”, it’s more like a missing feature from the language update to me, but the important is that LivingAI is aware of that.

its danish translate if you want to jeg håber en dag at emo robot kan lærer fra min verden og gemme det og håber den kan se mig lave mad og give mig mad opskrifter og håber jeg kan vise min emo robot min penge samling :denmark: