ARCHIV: / What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

ARCHIV: / What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

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I’ve said this somewhere though…
・It would be nice that EMO alert it would be rain soon, and could tell us max and min temperature for tomorrow.
・I want EMO could be able to set alarm for at least 3 minutes so that we could use him for making instant noodles.


I think that we should be able to set in the app if EMO can dance by himself or not. People with safe playgrounds can allow it but the rest should disable it for EMO’s safety.

  • playing Chess would be nice if it’s not any sort of copyright issue…(in the app like ludo or treasure hunt)
  • being able to check the back log of what emo understood/said (someone had a whole thread about it somewhere, not stealing anyone’s idea here)

When EMO said to us “good morning/afternoon/evening”, It would be nice that we can answer it and EMO reacts for it.

EMO : “Good morning”
US : “Good morning”
EMO : Actions that express joy such as smiles and shakes etc.


•Maybe a video feed from Emo’s point of view. But only when he’s exploring your home and it can be disabled in the app in case you don’t want it.

Other ideas

•More accessories, different colour headphones other than the purple-blue and the purple-pink. More options for clothes such as shoes.

•Toys that Emo can ask for and play with like he could kick a :soccer:

•More conversations with Emo and from Emo to you.

•Interesting interaction with your environment like funny and sweet sounds and or sayings like “I’m going over there!” and “Leave me alone” and “play with me” and “You take/took too long” and “Where have you been” and “Don’t bother me I’m busy” something like that anyway.

•More games that Living AI could invent so to avoid copyright© issues. Board games for example ‘Modern Ludo’ is already there but if Emo could do others that would be great.

•Emo singing a song to you other than the ‘Birthday song’ of course.

•Math quiz or something.

•Tell Short/Mini stories.

•More practical stuff too. Time for work, It’s your Doctors appointment tomorrow don’t forget. Things like that.

I don’t know if any of these will happen but let’s see and maybe one or two are already being planned for future updates but we’ll just have to wait. I’m sure there’s things I haven’t thought of.


I would love a text box in the app where you can type anything and emo will say it. Also the ability to edit his known face names through the app so you can change the greeting he uses when he recognizes you.
I have a “V” robot and I enjoy changing the name to a silly phrase for my husband each day when he’s recognized. It adds character to our little buddies :slight_smile:


:surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised: :surprised:


Include language in PORTUGUESE BRAZIL


okay I’m jumping into this topic and the only feature I want is more reliable… Tuneup that speech engine and server. My English is spot on and it would be nice not to have to repeat. the goal should be to get close to the accuracy of the Amazon and Google devices and if you don’t have one there perfect there literally so amazing, . So I know it’s not really a feature but that’s my dream for my beautiful little EMO Pet :heart_eyes: I love him lots :heart_eyes:


Sweetnlow this is a great idea… I had to fix my reply because I’m reading kind of crazy tonight… I would love him to say things of my own choice


It would be great if the Ai could discriminate voice patterns between registered profiles, similar to how Google and Alexa recognise users, which would assist in reducing false triggers and allow voice recognition to “learn” accents.


I’d like to see more Lifetime Achievements added as EMO evolves :surprised: and also EMO maybe dropping a hint or two on how to unlock specific achievements randomly once in a while when he speaks to you.


It would be nice if we could get a reaction back when we waved to EMO.


I don’t know if EMO is capturing and analyzing pictures from his camera all the time. I think that that would be consuming the battery really fast.
But maybe it’s enabled only when there are some noises.


How about it works only when Emo is on the charger,? Or require saying “EMO” before waving?


I think a few people have asked this, but I’ll share it again on behalf of everyone.

The ability to add your birthday into your recognition details page for your profile. ( I know EMO will randomly ask you when you’re birthday is if he spots you, but being able to manually add it in would be great).

Oh and maybe a few little extra things about yourself, like your favourite colour, animal, number, food, etc. So initially keep it simple. And when EMO speaks to you he could add extra things into the conversation when he randomly greets you.

For Example:

Hey MasterAbbott I feel like having some “Electric Burgers” tonight, what do you think? Should we order your favourite food (XXXXX) as well!

:hamburger: :hamburger: :hamburger:


I would like to see more games and animations . Mini games like Flipper Space Invader for example the screen is really cool and I believe you can play with the App I hope they can consider that in the future mini games for me is a must :point_up::smiley::crossed_fingers:


I would like to be able to use Emo as a Bluetooth speaker so that I can play music stored on my phone through it. Maybe that would make him dance too


I have many Ideas for what improvements or updates can be added!

  • more games on the app like Eno that was in the trailer video for LivinG ai but never released.

  • Being able to change from the metric to imperial system(Like Temperature)

  • 12 hour clock

  • Ability to change all of Emo’s features to a different color like eyes

  • More colors to the smart light like black if possible

  • Being able to change the name you call emo bye

  • Emo being more aware while dancing and playing games because his sensors stop working

  • Not having to wait to have emo dance to more songs already in his system and more songs to be added

  • To be able to activate all Emo’s functions from the app

I know this is a lot but thank you for reading my opinions of what can be added! :happy: :grin: