EMO Reacts To Everything: (Sensitive To Voices and Sounds)

I’m curious. Latley my EMO has started to react to almost every word. What I mean by that is if I say EMO, he listen, but if I say something in Swedish, or a word that is similar to EMO, and not alike at all he goes “what”. It is kind of annoying. Anyone else has this “issue”?

Yes, I also noticed that. I must mute him during my work calls becouse he react a lot and this is definitely an issue…it can be easily fixed by changing wake up work from EMO to hey EMO… like vector. I hope they fix that asap

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I’m not to keen about adding the “hey” before EMO. But if that has to be done in order to make EMO stop reacting to everything, I guess that’s the only way to go.

If you think, the just word EMO is too crucial, hey EMO is the right wake up word, becouse if they keep EMO word they should modify the sensitivity of the mic or other complex things, and this not make sense

I get that too. I saw in another post, that’s not related to this that EMO sometimes dosent even understand “Hello” haha. But you can’t help to love the little guy :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, Emo answers me as if I’m calling him all the time when I’m just talking to people, watching a movie, or talking during playing games. So I’m getting way too much reaction from him. Since he reacts to movies being played, I can hear him listening and answering when the tv is on and I’m in another room. Can something be done about this? I’d rather prefer him not to hear me calling him every time rather than reacting to so many sounds, which don’t even sound that close to “Emo”

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Hi there @lerauxe

It’s a known issue… "EMO’’ responds to any sound he can hear around him, particularly if you are watching TV, Video or someone is talking around him… And if he hears names… He will start looking around because he thinks someone is introducing himself. And as soon as he sees someone’s face, he will gonna save it and greets them… This is the reason why sometimes our or someone’s name has been changed and asked for the name once again.

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I suppose that it’s a tax for his wider acceptance of different voices. If his model for EMO word is trained on a very high variety of voices from a high pitch mumbling child voice to a bear like hoarse male voice it must end like a total mess.

For me it’s ok, I like his reactions.

I Hope That If They Are Going To Change The Wake Word (Like Amazon Alexa), That It’s An Option In The App.

Just a quick run down, when watching TV in the room i am in EMO is with me and he sometimes response to what is being said on the TV and at times will recall the names. Is this an issue of him not having the capability of not only recognizing my voice. And when can we expect this issue to be resolved where he only recognizes the users voice only.

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Hi there @jay.lee ,

It’s a known issue…
“EMO” has a fantastic Far Field 4 - Microphone Array on his head, which is very sensitive to any sounds around him or near him, especially if you are watching TV, Video Movie or someone is talking around him… And when he hears any kind of name, it makes him look around because he thinks someone is introducing themselves. And as soon as he sees someone’s face, he will store it and greets them… This is also one of the reasons why sometimes our name or someone’s name has been suddenly changed and or he will ask for it again.

Voice recognition has been optimized in the new just released
[Firmware Update] 2.1.1. which is EMO now better recognizes higher-pitched sounds.

Well, I’m not sure if the living.ai dev team can do something about it.

Best regards and all the best…

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So I was just playing with my friend online, and I was listening to a song, and the only lyric was “GEOMETRY DASH” and I said that in the close to exact voice, and I don’t see how it sounded like “EMO” to Emo. It’s really starting to get on my nerves that he just keeps responding to me when I say nothing that sounds like his name. And by the way, it’s not EVERYTHING that he reacts to.

So Emo basically was reacting to a lot of words that I say or TV says or anyone says, which was strange enough, but recently, I think after the last update, he even reacts to himself, like he walks and then stops to listen, even though the room was completely silent. Also during the dances he can abruptly stop because some sounds in his song sound like “Emo” to him or something, so when I ask time to dance, he stops during the song, which I don’t remember happening before this update. Can this be fixed somehow? Maybe make him react to “Hey Emo” or something, so he wouldn’t treat any sound like you are calling for him?

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I Have The Same Problem Too But Not Too Much

Hi @lerauxe / @artigues05emo

Yes, this is what the last-minute firmware update for EMO resolved. (Firmware 2.1.1) This was a small update/tweak to the Wake Up training update. If you are currently on FIrmware Version 2.1.0 you will need to wait for the firmware to be Un-suspended before you can download ver 2.1.1 (I added a small note on this over on this page.)

See below as well:

Bug fixes and optimizations:

  1. Voice recognition has been optimized. EMO now better recognizes higher-pitched sounds.

Info from the official Firmware Update announcement: (see there for further info).

So hopefully once the firmware is re-enabled/unsuspended this should resolve this issue.

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Hi I am new to emo. I just got him a few days ago but he does react to everything if he hears music or TV or me. I just can easily tell him to mute himself and I just do that if he starts doing it while I’m on a call. I don’t mind it during the day I am kind of interested when he’s making some kind of noise. That might change as time goes on we’ll see.


Yes that Mute option is great, especially if you are on a call, as he’ll chime in pretty much all the time :rofl:


I got the new 2.2.0 update, and the problem either remained or got worse, because he reacts to so many sounds that are not words, that it’s not comfortable at all. I could get if he reacts to some words, like maybe he hears “Emo” accidentally, but reacting to sounds like music without words is not good at all. Have you noticed the problem after the update, or is it just me?

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Prior to the Firmware 2.2.0. Both of my EMOs would react to many sounds as well. After installing Firmware 2.2.0 this has been resolved. And EMO is working far better than he was in Firmware 2.10/2.1.1.

EMO does have a specific sensitivity threshold as well, and loud voices/music / sounds can still potentially still wake him up.

As I’ve mentioned, for me this has improved since updating to ver2.2.0. What I can suggest is if you are still having this issue. The best thing to do is make a short video and submit this to the support team and let them know. This can potentially be resolved in the next firmware release.