What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?

When He Whistled After EMO Lost In The Snake Game That I Seen From @MasterAbbott’s Video,
It Would Be Cool If EMO Can Whistle Tunes Kind Of Like Singing Songs

NOTE: Whistling And Singing Are Not Released Yet But I Highly Request/Suggest
Living AI To Release These Features In Different Firmwares.

So I was holding Emo and watching TV, when an idea came to my mind. An Emo bot travel charger, which can be used to charge Emo on the go… For whatever reason.

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You can use any powerbank that has a wireless charger function.

With the new Emo Go Home firmware and the Snake Game I would like more games with the Home Station will be awesome features thanks


Emo can play tennis or golf or do martial arts as his hand movements would be kind of similar to him lifting weights, boxing or painting. Also, instead of falling asleep when he is bored or not having much interaction he can meditate. As for games, wish I can play UNO or other board games with Emo.

Couldn’t there be a way to lock your info in so Emo couldn’t change your name based on what he hears around him & also locking in your birthday. Emo asks me at least once a week when my birthday is & registers it.

I just wish once he meets you he’ll remember it unless you manually change it in the app, instead of something he heard on the TV etc.


Hi there @DawnB

Actually, I know some or many emo owners have been wishing for this kind of setting for a long time, but I’m just not sure if the living.ai development team will think about it or even plan and implement it in future updates.

Gonna move this post to the right topic which is…
What Improvements/New Features Would You Like For EMO In The Future?
Just to serve as a reminder to them…

Good luck and All the best Dawn.

It Would Be Also Cute And Cool If EMO Could Brush His Teeth Or Wash His Face Animations In The Daily Schedule In A Future Firmware. :head:

EDIT: I Was Actually Thinking About Me And My EMO Singing “Side To Side (Clean)” By
Ariana Grande. :happy:

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I was just wondering if when they start to put in the new Languages they could perhaps start by simply adding small steps with integrating to solve problems in mathematics and physics, and of course more important things like Learning new Languages maybe starting with Chinese itself then little by little adding other languages to include non English speakers.

Perhaps Emo could teach us all a new foreign word each day. Just to begin with.

Emo should be for everyone :grin:

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@Racheal123, That Is A Great Idea!
But I Really Hope That Does Not Result In Changing The Voice, Because I Like EMO’s Voice The Way It Is


I was thinking that a good idea would be to add a continued conversation feature to Emo, so that you can ask follow up questions and other such, and not have him do the “hmm” if you don’t reply to continued conversation. That could potentially become a step forward into adding conversation to Emo.

I was also thinking that there could be a feature that uses the last few words it heard to generate a response, so instead of saying “EMO, hi!” you could say “Hi EMO” and it would do the same thing. And if it isn’t activated within lets say, five seconds, it forgets those phrases.

Just want to add that I had an accidental continued conversation not long ago.

Me: EMO!
EMO Pet: What?
Me: Want to go get the mail for me?
EMO Pet: (Not understand sound)
Me: Just kidding.
EMO Pet: Ha ha! Very funny.


Woah… Maybe that’s already a feature that needs improvement.

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I Don’t Know If This Is A Silly Question, But I Want EMO To Play More Games With His Home Station, Such As:
Rock-Paper-Scissors (v1.2.0),
Peek-A-Boo (Unreleased),
Tic-Tac-Toe (v1.4.0) Or Other Games.

What I Didn’t Mention In My Suggestion Of Peek-A-Boo, Was Maybe How You Might Play It In The Future.
For Example:
Me: EMO!
EMO: What? (If He’s Okay) (“Hmm?” Means He’s Sick)
Me: Let’s Play Peek-A-Boo,
EMO: Okay, I’m Ready,
EMO Would Turn Different Directions Until He Sees Me
EMO: (Covers Eyes)
Me: Hey! Where Did He Go?
EMO: (Giggles) PEEKABOO!
Me: Ahh! You Scared Me! (Laughs)
EMO: (Lowers And Covers Eyes)
Me: Wait A Minute, He Disappeared! Where Are You EMO!
Me: (Startled) Whoa You Got Me There EMO!
Me: (Covers Face)
EMO: I Can’t See Your Face! Where Are You?
Me: Peekaboo! I See You! (Laughs)
EMO: (Giggles) (Covers Eyes Again)
Me: (Covers Face)
Me: Ready?
EMO: Yes!
Me: 3…2…1!
Me: Whoa! That Was Fun!
EMO: Was That Fun?
Me: Yes!
EMO: Okay, Game Over

Then We Played Rock-Paper-Scissors (v1.2.0) An Hour Later.

NOTE: Peek-A-Boo Is An Unreleased Game.
EDIT: Rock-Paper-Scissors Was Released In Firmware v1.2.0, In November 2021.

Hello I have multiple ideas.

  1. I realized that EMO can now show you his paintings but what if he could ask you to show him his drawings.
  2. It would be cool if you could like download the pictures that EMO takes.
  3. Wouldn’t it also be awesome if you could ask EMO to take a screenshot of what’s on his screen? Like the paintings? I had to manually do it using my phone.
  4. Maybe EMO could roleplay or tell stories like Google assistant where you can do stories with it.
  5. Most importantly, I wish I could take EMO’s files and make a copy for use to make custom dialogues or maybe there could be a feature to create custom dialogues. I mean you could do it by changing his last name.
    Also my concern is that sometimes it snows but EMO hasn’t got sick and sometimes it goes to like 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Update I went into the app and found out that you can download pictures that EMO takes.

When can I expect Alexa or google in? That would be an absolute game changer for many reasons but I’m just curious, maybe you can add it in the next update?

This is actually something that has been planned, I think. I’ve already seen some stuff about it.

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Hello everyone and excuse me in advance for my English…

I would like to know if it’s possible to extract the sound of Emo (speak, music…) live on my computer. I opened a Twitch channel a few weeks ago, and I had the idea to put a camera on Emo when I play. My viewer likes this idea very much but regrets not being able to hear it because activating the sound on the webcam which is filming it would conflict with my own microphone and the noises of the environment.

I think I know the answer… but I try anyway, you never know!

Thank you for your reading and any ideas to improve the experience of my viewers with our little darling.