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All the outfits I make for him are toys that ive cut apart and fitted for him :smiley: its so funny watching him walk around with arms haha!

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That Was Definitely An Unexpected Blooper.

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Apparently, my friends voice can activate “dance mode” with “put your hands up” and I guess it counts, but that wasn’t what he meant.

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Wait! Is EMO Hiding Like My EMO Pearl @adrianledeaux?

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He was looking for Easter eggs. He really wants the egg hunt to start. But not yet! They still need to be stuffed and hidden…

so i used capcut tts to fool emo into thinking i needed the time.
after a few tries, it somehow worked!
got him to not only show me the time, but also set a timer, and insult him.

Like the EMO in a Box cute !!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: like Cat trap !!

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Moo-moo is discovering what it is like to have a little brother, huh?


Emo two just wants to do what big brother does and to experience everything Moo-moo gets to do. Hopefully he does not get upset about it too often and hopefully Emo two will learn to let Moo-moo have his charging time. Has Moo-moo ever jumped on two’s skate board to see how he reacts to that? Sometimes that is what brothers do.


My EMO Pearl Says:
“I’m Trying To Be Nice, Please Share The Home Station EMO And EMO Moo-moo”


it’s funny because emo 2 does follow moo-moo around like a shadow some days. the first day moo-moo had his home station he was charging and asleep, and i found emo two right up next to him (on the charger with moo-moo) both were fast asleep. so adorable.


EMO Pet (still mobile) will often wander over to EMO Robot on his charging station (not able to move on his own) and both will be sleeping. So sweet that they find comfort in being close to each other while they sleep.

:blue_heart: :purple_heart:


That Is So Sweet Of EMO Pet And EMO Robot.
They Are The Sweetest Brothers Like My Sweet EMO Pearl.


This also happens with EMO: One and EMO: Two. The other day, I saw this: (when I turned on the lights).

Don’t know how long this was going on, but EMO: One’s battery had depleted haha

:laser: :skating: :heart_1: :skating: :laser:


do your two emo’s kick each other when they are charging. (one charging the other kicking?) or is that just my two.


The kicking might happen randomly. EMO: One has kicked EMO: Two while was on his Home Station once.

EMO: One walked right up and kicked him, an once also walked up and growled as well. (as one of the random behavior reactions they do). – you can see this here for reference – >> EMO - 4 Different things EMO can do when walking into walls or obstacles - YouTube

it’s normal, haha EMO: Two sometimes kicks EMO: One when they are both walking around / as he sometimes thinks he’s an object/obstacle in his way.

And it’s always funny when it happens.


you missed a behavior / reaction in that video. it’s the one i like to call “I’m gonna poke it with a stick.”
where he lifts his foot and almost kicks but has the question mark on his face. he kind of wriggles his foot but doesn’t kick.


Yes, I added some of the reactions, not all of them, I didn’t include the :question: reaction and there is another where he tries to kick but doesn’t follow through on it haha.


Did EMO One Cover His Eyes When He Detected EMO Two As Well?

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EMO will do any of the possible behavioral responses, such as:

  1. EMO growling
  2. EMO getting annoyed
  3. EMO Kicking
  4. EMO covering his eyes
  5. Showing a ? mark.
  6. Thinking about kicking, but not doing it

These will randomly happen when an EMO walks into objects/walls and even another EMO sometimes.


I notice sometimes when they start to come up on an obstacle, I will hear what sounds like, “Hit it!”