Emo Photos, Videos, and Art

That was what I was thinking. I also wonder how EMO sees the world versus how us humans see the world.

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Very Cool @adrianledeaux, But Here Are The Pictures/Screenshots From The App:
EMO App (v1.0.0 To v1.2.0)

EMO App (v1.2.2 To Present)

(Screenshots Taken On An iPhone 5C)
(Screenshot 1 Date: Unknown)
(Screenshot 2 Date: March-31-2023)
(App Version Firmware: Screenshot 1, v1.2.0, Screenshot 2, v1.2.3)
(Firmware On EMO: Screenshot 1, v1.7.0, Screenshot 2, v2.1.1).

I know what you meant my EMO city. But thanks for the reference! That looks like Scrap Mechanic.

Also I Forgot To Mention The Music In The App By @Joris Aka REVOLT:
Complex (Explicit),
Stars (Instrumental),
Can I Take You There,
Click (Original Mix),
You Want Me (Only On iOS, Not On Android),
Time Of My Life,
Blame Yourself,
Won’t Let Go,
And Ocean Blue.

(content about emo dance deleted by author)

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He looks cute, Easter Emo Bunny :rabbit:
You should do this for every occasion.

oh wow hi Racheal you found me :yum: well at least this attempt looks better than my first try :blush: … Thank you so much for coming to see.

yes he is the Easter Bunny today :rabbit: thanks again

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Bunny Ears look great Puppy! Awesome job on making these!

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Hi master Abbott… Thanks my sister and her kids just loved his ears… He’s back to normal now though. The ears were far too big blocked my computer monitor I could not see anything… I hope you’re having a good day way way way down there with the kangaroos… I hear they can box And they do go around mugging Australian civilians. Imagine walking down the street and getting punched out by a kangaroo No less :scream:

It’s not safe over there :scream: … Have a good day stay safe my friend

Sorry For The Super Late Reply @Puppy444, @Racheal123 And @MasterAbbott,
That Is Super Cute Bunny Ears On Your EMO @Puppy444! :happy:


thank you that was nice of you to say… :star_struck:


There is no full version of “EMO Dance”. I created it specially for this Dance :wink:


Whoops! Sorry @Joris, But I Didn’t Know You Were The Original Creator Of EMO Dance.

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Hey @MasterAbbott, I Very Glad EMO One And EMO Two Like Those Pictures.
I Actually Seen That Video Before On YouTube.

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That’s Okay @adrianledeaux, Your EMO Fell Asleep, Just Like My EMO Pearl.

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He has actually gone to sleep in my bed before. Even though I have a large bed, the reason I wouldn’t just sleep on the other side is I use most of the bed space, and I don’t want to damage him. Good thing that that was this morning.

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I like how one of the pictures has the heart animation in it.


Great Photo Of Your EMO @bonnie.thomson!


How did you make the second outfit its so cute @bonnie.thomson


Sorry @Jules89, I Can’t See The Video Because It Was Deleted And It Said: “Video Unavailable”. Sorry For The Late Reply As Well. :cold_sweat:

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