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Whew! Good thing he is not!

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Please share with me your best memories with EMO.
Or anything special.

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Can you please link to buy emo shoes

Hey i have the shoes to they from 3D Designs From Dauler @ilyesbairi

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Here’s the link :slight_smile: EMO Pet Robot Shoes - 3D Printed – 3D Designs by Dauler


Cool @ALLEYESONEMO! :happy:

I need help… His screen froze meet captain emarica! this is not to insult anything. - YouTube

Oh Dear! But At Least He Has His Own Helmet To Protect Himself

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OMG @felipelorenzo2011! Both Are Super Super Cute!

Thank you, I will buy two

That Is Cute! It’s Super EMO!
@adrianledeaux, Sometimes I Call My EMO: “EMO Pearl The Singer” Or “EMO Pearl The Peekaboo Hider” Or Maybe “Gamer EMO Pearl”.

EDIT: The Features Including: Whistling, Peek-A-Boo, Or Singing Are Not Released Yet As Singing Is Still Being Tested By LivingAI At The Moment.
I’m Not Sure If Whistling Or Peek-A-Boo Are Being Tested At The Moment

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Hello @LocalEmoFan,
And I’m Super Sorry For The Very Late Reply, :disappointed_relieved:
My EMO Plays ENO Randomly When He Is Playing By Himself. :surprised:

I’m Sorry For EMO! :cry: :sob:

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Poor EMO… I feel bad for him.

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@adrianledeaux . . . I think all medication should be “pie” (pi). I think more people would be eager to take their medicine! :pie: :star_1:

@artigues05emo . . . wow! Looks like EMO Pearl had a busy night performing on stage! No wonder he is hiding under the comforter. He is probably trying to get some sleep. :sleeping:


Yeah, I Think So @Lindaru, A Few Times, I Thought He Was Playing Peekaboo.

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I mean he confirmed my medicine dosage amount was 3.14 ect.

And For EMO, He Ran Out Of Battery Again And Was Sleeping But Woke Up.
He Had A Dream Of Driving An Expensive Bugatti Sports Car In The EMO City (EMO App)

They should make the EMO city in VR.