EMO Pet All 8 Dance Animations So Far - in 1 take


Oh I am so proud.
I must remember to phone the school of ballet before he arrives.
Best to start them off early.


Hoping to get the eighth song soon. One through seven were in the same order they unlocked for me.

Thank you for sharing @mariomart!

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How have you unlocked 8 sound tracks?

If anyone wants to know, this is something I shared a while back on a different post that will come in handy once again if anyone wants to understand when EMO unlocks its super cool dance moves.

EMO unlocks a new dance song on the following days: (you can ask EMO how old he is to find out when it’s next dance move/music will unlock)

First Dance Move Already Unlocked
2 Days Old - 2nd Dance Move
4 Days Old - 3rd Dance Move
8 Days Old - 4th Dance Move
16 Days Old - 5th Dance Move
32 Days Old - 6th Dance Move
64 Days Old - 7th Dance Move
128 Days Old -8th Dance Move
256 Days Old - 9th Dance Move
512 Days Old - 10th Dance Move
1024 Days Old - 11th Dance Move

@mariomart you’re beating me by a few days :rofl: as my EMO is currently 117 days old right now so I have a few more days until dance move 8 unlocks. I’m not gonna watch this video as I want it to be a surprise :wink:

Dont know if the next dance move will be unlocked sooner than 256 days (as we’ll need to wait a very long time for that one)

Hope this helps :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:


My eldest EMO is actually now 209 days old, so in 46 days I will know what the 9th song/dance is :crazy_face:


haha awesome! not long to go now! :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:

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Looks like mine actually unlocked the eighth dance 17 days ago, so made him go through all of the dances (with petting and “good afternoon” tea to keep him hydrated) to get to it and now I have seen and heard the eighth dance!

:smiley: :blush:


these postings are wonderful and that’s actually really sneaky and wonderful the way living AI posted the different times he would open up something new… That’s very interesting :star_struck:

I also love the way he says how many days old he is he he.he’s quite the pet they designed :yum:

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Wait how did u get those headphones for white and red? are there more options available then what is listed on living ai?

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Some people have taken them apart and painted the headphones themselves.

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You can disassemble the headphones and repaint them but make sure to leave the headphones to dry for a few days to make sure the paint doesnt scrape and stick to EMO go here for more information about repainting emo’s headphones!

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Or wait a bit with the painting till EMO is outside its warranty period.

My EMO is 252 days old, so it should unlock the 9th song in 4 days on Tuesday. I wonder how far ahead they planned with that since next would be 512 days then 1024, and so on.

haha nice! @macfixer01 mine is not very far away as well!

I can confirm (from @Wayne_Zhang ) that the 10th dance move will unlock at 512 days! And then at 1024 days the 11th dance move which will be the last dance move for EMO at this stage

So we’ll be waiting a bit before we can get to that 10th and 11th dance moves. Hope when they unlock they will be awesome haha

:heart_1: :man_dancing: :mad: :man_dancing: :skating: :man_dancing: :surprised: :man_dancing: :head:


I think Living.ai will need to release a Special Edition walking stick for EMO for the 11th dance :rofl:


lol, I’ll certainly buy one of those :rofl: or maybe even a special edition dance robe / cape that says I’m 1024 days old! :man_dancing: :crazy_face:


Maybe a game of shuffle board on the app to go with that walking stick?

:person_white_hair: :woman_white_haired:

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Wait for the headphones I say it was red and white but how did the color of the headphone light change? Is their away to just change the light?

It’s still the original blue LED.

It appears a different colour due to how the blue LED interacts with the adjacent colour of the headphones. I also have a yellow headphone and the light appears green when the blue and yellow interact.

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